Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!!

 Off we went down to Brighton on Monday.  It was a long old drive and the traffic was rubbish on the M25 but who cares??  Brighton was buzzing with Owls out and about and the locals were all friendly. We had some nice chats with all sorts of folk - a lovely older couple from Watford didn't want to let us go!!

 My phone was playing up on Monday but then worked perfectly on Tuesday - don't know what was up with it  - so I couldn't take any pics that day.  Photo credits therefore go to Rich's half brother James (dark chap holding the yellow shirt).  It was annoying as Brighton put on a fantastic show in the ground with blue and white flags on every seat in a stripey pattern - it looked epic. (BTW, Brighton play in blue and white stripes too - they weren't just being really hospitable!)

Eventually we made it to the ground. James met his shirt twin.  Apparently this is an old, much sought after away shirt from the 90's so they were each were very excited to meet up with another wearer (I know, I didn't get it either!).

The match was terrifying in the first half when they came out and threw everything at us.  Our boys looked as though they might crumble (especially with the referee being firmly on Brighton's side) but despite them scoring we held firm, got a goal ourselves before half time thus restoring our aggregate lead and then, in the second half, didn't look in much danger.  

Our singing got better and better as the minutes ticked away and the scenes of celebration between the players, management and fans at the end were amazing.  The players didn't seem to want to leave the pitch, we had to keep singing and clapping with aching arms and sore throats.

It is only now sinking in that we are actually going to Wembley a week on Saturday and, not only that, if we beat Hull City, we will be in the Premier League next year.  It is that close.  Just incredible considering how bad things have been for us until this season started.  Even if we do not go up, it has been a fantastic season and I'm so proud of our club and its fans.

Tuesday dawned bright and beautiful so after breakfast we headed out for a walk. Of course my phone worked perfectly so I took a few consolation shots!

The skeletonized West Pier.

I'm just so happy but somewhat bleary eyed....

Rich, his dad and brother.  Lovely guys.

We managed to resist the jellied eels but we did see some people tucking into oysters at 11am!

I'll admit to a ice cream though....and a curry the night before although that was pretty much all we ate all day...

All in all, it was a great trip and several beers and non diet meals were had.  I went straight back onto the packs this morning though and played golf (in the rain) so I hope that any damage will be short lived.  I'm in the office tomorrow so same again then with a run in the evening when I get home. In fact I'm going to be very strict with myself for then next 10 days to get rid of Brighton and create some wriggle room for the bank holiday weekend in London. 

Tickets have already been bought for Wembley and I'm excited already as I've never been.  Last time we went up through the play offs the new Wembley Stadium was being built so the game was played in Cardiff.  It was brilliant but not Wembley!


Seren said...

Oooh, everything crossed for you all! I remember going along with D (to a pub, not to Wembley itself) to watch Boro in the play offs last year and my goodness, it was tense. So we did the only sensible thing and got ratted. Hopefully your boys will have better luck.


Peridot said...

Looks like you had gorgeous weather. And the M25 is always rubbish!