Saturday, 24 January 2015

Winter Wonderland (and hints of frustration)

I was working from home for the 3rd consecutive day on Thursday which is pretty unusual for me.  Partly due to the weather and partly because I had some urgent and ridiculously over-complicated drafting to break the back of.  However, much as I enjoy working from home, the cabin fever had started to set in.  We hadn't been out since Monday evening so I was not seeing people during the day either was a bit weird.

So, I called a friend who also works from home in Bamford and we arranged to meet up at The Anglers for lunch.  I decided to take the dogs for a quick walk around Ladybower reservoir near Bamford before lunch - two birds with one stone etc etc

Here are the pics of my walk:

It was a grey and gloomy day with a hint of fog but the reservoir was still and the reflections were stunning. At one point I watched a goose flying low and lazily over the water and it was just perfect.

I may have this one printed onto a canvas for the hallway which is presently being painted a pale, pale dove grey.

Someone had left a pint-sized hipster snowman perched on the wall but his legs had melted away sadly for him and he had his back to the view!

Bamford Edge in gloom.

Once over the dam wall, I took a left into the woods on the lower reaches of Win Hill.  It was muddy and a bit dark.  My plan was to get to the crossroads, turn left and then walk down to the track around the reservoir.  A short walk of about 45 minutes.

It became gradually snowier as I climbed up the hill.

And at the crossroads, I had a choice of left back towards the mud or turning right uphill following the white, thick, snowy wonderland.  Of course I took the latter.  I had planned to take a forestry track a bit further up back to another path downhill through the woods.

It was stunning.  Like Norway or something.  Perfectly still and quiet.  Nothing but the occasional trill of birdsong and the flutter or thud of snow falling from the trees.

Trouble was, I couldn't find the forestry track in the thick snow.  Eeek.  This meant I had to carry on uphill until it met up with Parkin Clough.  The Clough is the extremely steep path alongside a rocky stream which heads straight up Win Hill.  It is, frankly, horrible.  Going up hill is sheer torture as the path is rocky and riddled with twisted tree roots.  And, as it is so steep, the steps up are often more than a foot high.

What I hadn't appreciated until I was faced with the prospect was the fact that going down the Clough is even worse than going up! The thick snow partly covered slippery mud and one side of the path borders a steep ravine with a rocky stream at the bottom.  Uuurk.

It was genuinely quite scary.  I was slipping down, thighs burning from the big steps, muddy and wet up to my knees, sweaty from the stress of it and soggy from snow falling onto me where I clutched at passing tree branches to steady myself.

This photo does NOT do justice to the steepness of the path!

I was running late for my lunch date so had to jog the last part (once I'd come off the Clough) so I must have looked like an absolute madwoman as I emerged from the woods onto the dam wall!  Not to mention when I burst into the pub.  I had intended to change my shoes and brush my hair etc....hmm.  Ah well, I lived to tell the tale and Vicky had a good laugh at my story!!

The hints of frustration in my header come from the fact that, having dropped the lb I unaccountably gained early on in this week, I have now stuck stubbornly to the exact same weight of my last weigh in. I have been sticking to the plan and have even upped my exercise now that I feel a bit healthier.  My walks have been longer, brisker and hillier and I even managed a run yesterday.  So why are the lbs not rolling off me.....wail.......

I will continue to have faith and stick to the plan.  It WILL work.  I suppose, being brutally honest, I have probably had a few more syns this week than last so that is something to focus on.  Wish me luck peeps!!


Stephbospoon said...

Go for it! I reckon stress burns lbs so am confident you'll get a loss next week!

Gabby said...

As long as you stick at it, you'll see a loss. You just have to hold on! (Beautiful photos, by the way)