Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Well the weather out there is frightful...

So, as a result I do not have much to say.  My days are pretty samey at the moment:  work from home, walk the dogs at lunchtime, cook supper, watch TV, blog a little.  Repeat.

I was supposed to be driving over to Mum and Dad's this morning to work from home their while dad did his shopping and went to the dentist.  The overnight snow put a stop to that however.  I might have been able to get there as the road cleared by mid-morning but I don't know how bad it was over the tops and it is just not worth the hassle of travelling in that sort of weather, especially with an elderly car and 2 dogs.  Dad was able to arrange respite care at least so could still do his chores and I'll go over as soon as I can.

Which meant that I could go for a proper snowy walk at lunchtime.  Here are the pics:

We headed up Smalldale which is straight up hill.  The road was clear-ish at the bottom but became progressively snowier the higher we got until we reached this study in black and white with yellow and red accents.  I would recommend anyone interested in purchasing Smalldale Hall checking it out in all weathers, especially these!

We came across these very stoic, cold looking sheep.  Several were rootling through the deep snow to the grass beneath....

but most were standing vacantly around the feeding trough waiting their turn for winter silage.

A splash of colour in the snow.  It must have been popular with the birds as the air was alive with birdsong in that spot.

Then we headed down the hill back towards the village.

Shelagh had a bit of a sit down.  She really does NOT like posing for photos!

And once home, I cleared the driveway.

Dietwise I've done well today.  Didn't eat until lunchtime (for no particular reason) when I had bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes with the 2 tiny pieces of wholemeal bread which is all I'm allowed on SW.  Supper was a delicious, packed with veggies, chilli con carne and rice.  I've had a few syns through the day but nothing to worry about so I might even have a chocolate with my evening coffee.

I trust all this virtue will show on the scales tomorrow as I had a stay the same this morning which was a tad disheartening.  After a fortnight of almost daily drops, this immobility is boring!!

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Seren said...

Have been so enjoying seeing your posts, even if I've been slow to comment in recent weeks! You've made such a brilliant, positive start to the year - long may it continue!