Sunday, 11 January 2015

A day to remember (and then move on from)

Well the big day dawned.  Our trip to Nottingham for the Forest awayday.  I had been agonising about how I was going to deal with it in terms of my diet.  Do I try and fit the day into SW, count syns and cut down on non-compliant drinks and food.  This would be tricky given that I was out with 5 blokes and on free beers all day.  In the end I decided to enjoy every minute of the day and eat and drink whatever came my way without seeking out extra calories!

So, an early start began with a couple of pints and a cooked breakfast at our Sheffield Local.  Next the coach to Nottingham and straight into the Castle Rock Brewery Tap.  They were not best pleased to see our wad of free beer vouchers saved up over the last 5 months!  4 free rounds later and we're off to the game.  A marvellous victory ensued.

We have not beaten Forest at the City Ground since 2001/2 and I have been to most of those games.  It has been most disheartening.  So how fantastic to see us win.  A happy, cheering crowd of 2,000 saluted the players after the game and they were our cheerleaders.  Great to see such unity after  years of grimness.

Back to the pub for 3 more free rounds and then the coach back to Sheffield.  We were starving by this stage so when we hit town it was straight down the Wicker for a curry of course!!  We were beered out by then so tap water all round (we must be getting old!) and it was gorgeous.

All in all a wonderful day out.  Such fun (as Miranda's mum would NOT have said had she been with us!).

And the first thing I thought when I woke up this morning was to stand on the scales and see what damage has been done before getting right back onto my regime (which I have done).  For the record I seem to have gained 3 of the 4 lbs I had dropped this week which seems a bit harsh for one day's gluttony but we will see for sure at tomorrow's weigh in.  It has not upset, derailed or disheartened me.  On the contrary, I know what I have to do: stick to the plan, minimise the bad days and keep the SW faith.

We do not have any more out of control days coming up in the foreseeable future.  Lots of social occasions planned but none that can't be coped with within SW's regime.  And I will cope.

(As an aside, is anyone else on SW? I hear that the plan has changed this year.  Are the changes major/good and should I go to class to find out what is going on?)

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Linz M said...

I am doing SW. The plan hasn't changed as such, but there is now an addition - Extra Easy SP. It's a lot more restrictive and they don't recommend you do it all the time - just when you want to boost weight loss. You can do the odd day or follow it for a week or so.

Basically you can only eat Speed or Protein foods freely and then you get 1 HEa and 2 HEb. Things like fat free yoghurt are out, as are potatoes, pasta, rice etc... I've not tried it as I like the freedom of EE, but some people have had good results. So it means things like BNS or carrot chips instead of potatoes, cauliflower rice etc.

If you want more info, I can scan pages from the book and send to you x