Thursday, 8 January 2015

Walking the walk

Day 4 and I'm genuinely enjoying following the SW plan.  I have written down everything I've eaten and counted all syns and actually struggled to eat my Healthy Extra (bread/fibre) allowance on 2 of the 4 days.  I've weighed things so as not to overestimate portions 'accidentally on purpose' which is one of my previous sneaky little tricks.

And so far, so good.  The scales are looking most promising.  However, instead of  my recent reaction of "Yay- I'm dropping weight  I can eat/drink more today" which is, I accept, totally ridiculous, I've been motivated to have another good day this time around.  This time my chimp seems to be engaging in the process.  Long may it last.  That's not to say that that sneaky chimp doesn't try and talk me into the odd mince pie or piece of toast from time to time but so far she has met me halfway and co-operated when I've resisted.

Another benefit of the new regime is that we are eating better. This week our evening meals have all come from the SW Extra Easy cookbook (which I've owned for 2 years but never actually cooked anything from) and they have been delicious.  Cod (well, Basa fillets)  and chorizo with tomatoes and green beans; turkey and broccoli pasta bake; and sweet potato and prawn curry.  It's been fun trying out new recipes and wringing maximum taste without resorting to fat, cheese or butter.

I've informed Richard how nice the meals have been as he's not been able to taste much.  I could've fed him any old crap and he wouldn't have noticed!!

Yep, we're still both poorly.  Rich is heading for 2 weeks now and it's day 5 for me. Gah! We both have a violent, hacking cough, achy bodies and an overwhelming feeling of being weak.  I'm fortunate in that I can work from home so don't have to take loads of sick leave.  If I had to get up and drive to Rotherham my energy would be totally depleted whereas sleeping late and wandering downstairs to the laptop is just about do-able.  It also prevents the worry about your mounting workload which comes from taking time off.

I've managed a steady dog walk each day including a modest hill and each one has left me feeling pathetically weak but better for the fresh air.  And making the dogs happy always cheers me up.  The dogs have been so loving this last few weeks.  I suppose the constant poorly, sitting-on-the-sofa company over the Christmas break followed by a week of me at home has let them completely chill out.  Now they scamper happily upstairs when Rich goes to work in the morning and in a trice are snuggled up to me for the next hour or so.  No whining for breakfast or barking at the postie, just lovely, doggie cuddles.

In terms of managing the next few days, I'm being good too.  We've got to go to darts and dominoes tonight or they wouldn't have a team but I'm driving to avoid drinking and make sure I have an early night.  I've cancelled the curry night tomorrow.  We're both feel too rubbish to enjoy it.  The only way I could get into it would be to drink too much and I'm just not in the mood for that. Hopefully this will preserve our energy for our trip to Nottingham on Saturday.  We've already paid for the tickets and coach so we're not missing that!  I doubt I'll go mad on the booze though; if I've dropped 4 or 5 lbs by then I'll not want to scupper my good start.

So, despite the lurgy I feel very positive and hopeful.  I can do this!!  And to further cheer me up, here are some photos from a walk with my pal Kerry from just a few weeks before Christmas.  What a gorgeous day it was.  Next time I walk up Win Hill I won't be as fat or unfit!!

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Linz M said...

Oh I feel your pain with the illness. Matt was ill for 2 weeks and I was a state for a week - full on chest infection and the works. Hope you're both better soon.

Glad you're enjoying SW, I do think it's one of the better 'diets' as it's a lot less restrictive.


PS - I have the same mentality when I see the scales go down thinking I can eat and drink more, what is that??