Saturday, 31 January 2015

Snow Day and yet more frustration

After Moving Day I really thought I was back on track.  But no.  Next day those 2.4lbs back on and the day after another 2.6lbs to boot!!  So, to recap:  I'm following the SW plan slavishly, probably for the first time ever and I've managed to gain 5 lbs in 2 days, not to mention drop only 4 lbs in nearly 4 weeks!

This is testing my resolve believe me.

But I have not faltered, if anything I've tightened up even more.  Yesterday I switched my usual breakfast from bacon and eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes to yoghurt, fresh fruit and my paltry 35g of fruit and fibre cereals.  My word, when you measure 35g out is it PATHETIC!! 

This morning saw a small move in the right direction of 0.6lbs so I'm still staring a gain in the face for week 4.  I don't understand  *wails.

So, in an effort to distract myself, here are some photos from Wednesday lunchtime.  Rich was sent home early from work due to the epic snowfall (which then immediately and conveniently stopped) so we went out for a walk in the Winter Wonderland.  It was gloomy but like the setting for a fairy tale.

I feel that I have to point out that I may be fat but I'm not this fat - the bulge around my middle is (mostly) comprised of dog leads, a hat (I'm wearing an earmuff), gloves and bits and bobs of litter I have oh so virtuously collected, honest!

So, wish me luck and much fortitude!!

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murgatroidgerow said...

How often to weigh is a tough question, isn't it? I feel like I/m being more accountable with daily checks, but weekly is gentler on the mind. I weighed every day in January and ended up feeling a slave to the scale. For February I'm going to try weekly.

What a lovely walk! I wish could just walk out my door and be in the country.

Keep soldiering on.