Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Challenging times

Today is the first day of the new regime when I've seen an unexpected rise on the scales.  Only a lb so nothing too worrying. I know these things happen and as long as I stick to the plan it will even itself out.  Still, it's tricky to remember that and not to fall back on "tried and tested" chimp responses to adversity - eat, hide, freeze.

But, that said, I've managed it.  Another day on plan and a good, long walk at lunchtime.  I find the day time pretty easy but the evenings are a bit trickier.  It's not that I want loads of really bad stuff or to drink loads but the temptation is always to just push the boundaries a little.  A mini stollen here, a glass of wine there, nothing bad or unmanageable in itself but they all add up.  Today I had both but no other syns so I think I have avoided disaster.

Here are some pics from my walk.  Set off from Bradwell past the cement walks towards Castleton.

We turned right at Pindale and admire a snow-covered Win Hill.

 Sheep dining on Eccles Lane (also with a view of Win Hill)

I was tempted to add another loop to our route and cross the fields to Brough but reluctantly decided I didn't have time - that lease was not going to draft itself!!

Now on the downhill back into Bradwell

Past frozen fishing ponds...

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