Monday, 26 January 2015

Week 3 weigh in news

Well, it has been a disappointing and somewhat frustrating week of no progress.  The scale this morning STILL showed exactly the same figure as last Monday (that's 5 consecutive days now without so much as a flicker up or down).  I even resorted to re-weighing myself carrying the senior dog to make sure that it wasn't somehow "stuck" but, once the dog was released, it reverted directly back to that same, confounded number.

(You might be interested to learn that Shelagh weighs 21lbs which is not bad as the vet wants her to be around 10kg so she's probably only 0.5kg over that.)

But back to me and my angst.  It's not so bad actually.  I dropped 5lbs last week so there was bound to be a settling.  I have stuck to the plan and have not gone over on the syns.  I had allocated myself 11-12 syns per day but I suspect I should tighten this to 10 so will try that this week.  I have written everything down and done more exercise than my poor sickly self could manage last week so it MUST come.

My waist feels a little smaller and work trousers which were exceedingly snug are now more comfortable so the weight will follow surely.


Seren said...

You know better than to let yourself be ruled by the scales. They're just one among many measures of success. Onwards and downwards!


Isabelle said...

Well, that sounds all right. I hope you get more results soon. And thank you for your kind sympathy about our Cassie.