Sunday, 18 January 2015

I like this diet

Really I do.  I managed to survive the buffet of doom using a few syns and my HEs.  1 wholemeal roll with ham and beef, a couple of fat roasties and lots of salad.  The stupid little extra was the small sausage roll I picked up thinking it really can't be that bad.  When I checked it out - 6.5 syns!!  That's a lesson learned for the future.

I didn't struggle avoiding booze or chips because I could have a decent plateful and not be hungry. It also helps that the scales are being very kind at the moment.  Success does breed success after all.

After the christening buffet a lovely, snowy dog walk followed by cooking supper which we've just scarfed down: roast beef, mashed potatoes, roasted root vegetables, broccoli, gravy and a yorkshire pudding.  All counted and synned.  So, if I'm honest, that is why I like this diet.  A tasty, "normal" supper without any chemical crap or ready meal input and as much as I fancied.  And all within the rules of the diet.  What's not to like?

The christening was a beautiful service and very thought-provoking.  I haven't been to Bamford Church for quite a while and I'd forgotten how much I liked it.  Bradwell Church can be rather "awkward" - the organist plays the hymns so very slowly, they always picks hymns I've never heard of (and I was in a chapel choir for 7 years at school so know a LOT), the vicar has no way with people so rather dry and academic and I just don't feel at home there.  Bamford was much more my cup of tea and I might be heading over there from time to time in the future (which does make me feel a bit guilty about Bradda but hey...).

Anyway, I'm off to the quiz soon but, in the meantime, thought I'd post a few pics from my walk a couple of days ago.  My old stomping ground of Bamford as it happens.

The river was in full flood so there was no way we could cross at the stepping stones so it was over the road to Shatton instead.

A somewhat murky day but stunning views towards Hathersage and beyond.

And the sunshine peeked out giving me a gorgeous view of Win Hill.

The village of Bamford nestling under the brooding Bamford Edge.

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