Monday, 12 January 2015


I've just noticed that I didn't post any of my photos from Bruges.  So, given that I haven't got a lot to say about my diet today I'll do that instead.

Oh yes I have!  I've also forgotten to report on this morning's weigh in!!  After my big blow out in Nottingham (9 pints and a curry.....eeek) I was relieved to see a drop of 2lbs on the scales this morning.  It might not be the greatest first week total but in the circumstances I'll take it.

I have no excuses this week so I'm hoping for a good drop next week and I'm going to continue to strive for that.  To that end I have sternly resisted chocolates, Christmas cake and even a single sweet.  I want a buffer of all the syns I can get for when I might really need them.

I have a long way to go so I'm not getting excited about a measly 2lbs off but I am happy with my mental attitude so far.

So, as promised, some pics from my weekend in Bruges with my old school pals Jenny, Kirsten and Steph.  It was lovely.  The weather was not wonderful but it was beautifully scenic and the shops were beautifully dressed and cared for.

Here we are walking through town to our hotel from the bus stop on the edge of town which our ferry transfer dropped us at.  I stupidly brought a shoulder bag which better on the cobbles but became very heavy!

Our first glimpse of "pretty stuff"

Stunning shop windows at every turn.  For the record I resisted the candy canes.

Friends since we shared a dorm on that first night at school back in September 1980 (and we haven't changed a bit....ahem.....)!

The view from the Belfroi.  The Old Town spreads far and wide.

Christmas shops were very popular.  Don't really get it myself but nice to wander round and see the cutesy wutesyness.

Mmmm Belgian beer and snacks.  I loved this little bar. So friendly and chatty.

The best hot chocolate I have ever tasted.  Made in the corner of a stunning chocolate shop and served in a polystyrene cup.  It was heavenly.

This was the view from our hotel's front door. We got a freebie from Jenny's other half and very nice it was too.

Not really what I should be looking at right now but it was delicious.

Our favourite chocolate shop.  So pretty.

Guns turned into flowers.  I loved this.

Nuts and bolts made of chocolate.  How perfect.

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Stephbospoon said...

That beer with the cured meat snacks looks immense !!