Thursday, 15 January 2015

Big dreams....turn to ashes (hopefully temporarily)

I was feeling fantastic this lunchtime.  I was working from home and had a pleasantly quiet morning before heading out with the dogs for a windswept walk.  We walked along the river in the grey, blustery gloom before heading up hill.  As I strode to the top of the hill the sun came out.  It was glorious.  And, all the way round my mind was racing:  how much weight might I drop by when.  What clothes I might fit into by when. Etc etc etc

It was fun.  Most uplifting.  I know it's early days in this particular diet but I'm feeling the love.  I feel as though I could stick to this regime forever.  Obviously I have felt this way before but you never know....

So then I came back home and had a most productive afternoon working followed by a leisurely hot bath (I know you don't like them Peridot but I adore a good soak).

And supper was tasty and diet friendly.  So I don't know what went wrong.

Suddenly the low-level toothache which I've had for a couple of weeks (got root canal work booked in for a week on Monday - uuugh) erupted into proper achy soreness.  Then I blistered the pad of my thumb on the roasting tin.  Then I started with tummy ache.  Then I just started to feel glum and crappy.  Oh and I still (after a full year) hate my laptop and the STUPID Windows 8 which is designed for tablets not laptops.

So, sorry for being grumpy.  Hopefully darts and dominoes will sort me out.

Oh there was one non-grumpy thing.  While on my walk today I was ruminating on what I learned from Steve Peters back on that TV show and how putting it into practice was helping me stick to the plan and keep my chimp in order.  Then, an hour or so later there he is being interviewed on Look North before picking up his honorary doctorate.  I must dig my notes out and see if there is anything I have forgotten which might be useful.

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Anonymous said...

Hullo Lesley, It's Sarah (Cerulean) here from oldschool Minimins, we lost a similar amount of weight back in 2007 - I just wanted to let you know that I still read your blog avidly - it's rarely that I'm on a platform where I can comment (my work lets me read blogs but not comment on them and if I ever get round to it on my phone my comment will disappear or something will go wrong, so I gave up!) I've put all the weight back on again - it's been 8 years so it wasn't overnight! I've been back down close to goal more times than I've spent up at the highest highs, but I'm determined to just keep going, because what else can you do?!

I adore the pictures you take, and just wanted to let you know of all the vaguely weightloss related blogs I read, yours has always been my favourite!