Sunday, 3 November 2013

New plan

The damn laptop has stopped working again. I really need to get it sorted properly but it's one of those jobs which seems difficult to pin down. Grrr

Anyway, I met my pal Jenny for lunch today in Hayfield. It was a foul day until around 2 so the planned walk was dropped. We were discussing diets over lunch (as you do) and inevitably the 5:2 diet came up. I've been resisting it but now so many pals have had success with it, I'm going to give it a go.  We have set ourelves a 6 week pre-Christmas challenge starting tomorrow. Watch this space!!


Seren said...

The 5:2 scares me a little bit, but people seem to have a lot of success with it - when D was doing it properly he lost quite a bit (and he is quite skinny to start with). Will be interesting to see how you find it. Good luck!


S;) said...

I dabbled with it, and it certainly had an effect. Don't be scared of the 2 days, have your first meal of the day as late as possible (2 or 3pm here) and fill up on protein. Good luck, I may join you! Xx