Sunday, 24 November 2013

Back home blues

I haven't dared to step on the scales yet. While my clothes don't feel particularly tight, I can't believe that I have got away scot free so I might wait until after my first fast day tomorrow!! We ate and drank well but were also very busy and active and missed several meals due to rushing about. We don't tend to snack either so I'm hopeful that I haven't done much damage.

The dogs were extremely pleased to have us home even though Rich's mum would have looked after them well in our absence. It was not a great week to pick to go away as it happens as Rich's sister Jo went into hospital just before we left to have her baby born tiny and 4 weeks early. She, Paige Georgia, was not gaining enough weight in the womb so they whipped her out early. She is fine now but still small and still in hospital for another week at least. It was a tough week for everyone by the sounds of it and we missed the lot!!

Since our return we have been totally depressed and demoralised at the football yesterday and spent this morning moving Rich's mum into her new flat. So, it's been all go and no time to focus on what I'm eating. However, we're about to go shopping now so I can make sure that I'm properly stocked and have no room for excuses.....AT ALL!!

Wish me luck....after a week of paella, pasta, gambas pil pil, steak, bread, olives, wine and San Miguel, work and fasting is going to SUCK!!

The photos below are from Cala Nova GC. We played quite early hence the sunrise and it was a stunning course up in the mountains. We joined up with a mad frenchman so I got to chatter in french as well as play golf. Can't be bad.


Katherine Austen said...

wow ...amazing photos! xx

Seren said...

Welcome home! Hopefully those blues will pass relatively quickly - we are entering the run up to Christmas after all ;-)

Sounds like a nice active holiday, so I'm sure the scale gods will be kind.