Monday, 25 November 2013


I screwed up my courage and stepped on the scales this morning. You know, knowledge is power and all that. It was, mercifully, as I felt, just the 1lb on. This is manageable.

I originally planned a fast day today then changed my mind but am now reconsidering. My breakfast was fast-friendly apart from the banana so think I will limit my intake today after all and then Wednesday (maybe Thursday if I bottle out of fasting while working from home on Wednesday!).

If I could see a 'real' drop by Friday's WI, it would be most motivating. Just a teeny lb would be good!!

Below is a snap of the sunset looking towards Gibraltor. I took much better ones on my proper camera but this is handy on my phone for now.


Seren said...

What an absolutely gorgeous picture! And well done for such a good result - a pound on after a week's holiday is excellent (not just manageable). Good luck for edging those scales down by Friday.


Peridot said...

Beautiful pictures. Glad you had a lovely time and 1lb is positively heroic. Hope you're hanging in there on your starve day.


Love Cat said...

1lb on?! That's the stuff holiday dreams are made of!

Nice work, lady. x

Isabelle said...

It is SO nice to read of you being happy these days. I started reading your blog while you were with your husband, who clearly wasn't right for you. Hurray.