Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Snarling with frustration

You know how at certain times of the month everything winds you up and the term 'hair trigger' makes perfect sense?? Well, today is one of those days. So, perhaps not the best day to try something new on Blogger. That last, rather disjointed and inelegant post with 3 paltry photos almost killed me.  Trying to tap it out on my phone was incredibly frustrating. The cursor  went missing and Just. Would. Not. Cooperate. for minutes at a time.  Editing or correcting typos was nigh on impossible.  I was almost weeping and came as close as I have ever been to smashing an inanimate object.

It then occurred to me that it was the photos buggering everything up.  So this post is by way of a sanity restoring experiment. Will it work if I type the post first and then add the pretty pictures?  Who knows but this has been painless so far.

Fingers crossed!

You didn't cross them did you?! Now I can't upload photos. The Google + app which I spent so long installing does nothing and the manual one at a time method which worked fine yesterday is mysteriously not working today.

I. Hate. Blogger.

That is all.


Peridot said...

Yes, I exactly know that feeling of frustration - poor you.


Peridot said...

Yes, I exactly know your frustration. Not least because I've typed this admittedly short comment three times now and still have no idea whether it's going to deign to send it!