Wednesday, 6 November 2013

5:2 Update

After my recent technological whining I thought I reflect on how I'm getting on with this new look regime. Yesterday, a non-fast day started brilliantly while I was at work but deteriorated somewhat through the evening. I know that you're meant to have some leeway on non fasting days but I don't think you're meant to take that as carte blanche to scoff at will.  I didn't really scoff but I did indulge in a few extras like raisins, some toast, a couple of pears and a hot chocolate.  Hmmm.  Must try harder.

Today has not been tooo bad.  I would've liked to have cracked on with my second fast day but I was golfing (and we're off to see Micky Flanagan this evening too) so I thought better of it. Now I will have to do it tomorrow which is not ideal. I have french straight after work which might be a strain and then darts and dominoes at night so I'll have to stay dry and resist the treats. Booooo

Wish me luck for tomorrow peeps!!


Seren said...

Good luck! Hopefully being busy will be helpful...?


Linz M said...

Good luck! I'm struggling as my life is too hectic so I am managing about 1 fast day a week :( Must try harder! x

Love Cat said...

The 5:2 sounds like my idea of hell. I'd rather just eat healthily 7 days a week.

If you can do it and it works for you - then go for it!

Nice work on the run by the way! When it's cold outside - and I mean really cold, what do you wear to keep you warm but also stop you overheating? x