Friday, 15 November 2013


God, I'm knackered. We are well out of practise at getting ready to go away given that it has been so long since we had a proper holiday. We have been making very heavy weather of it.

The last couple of days at work are always a nightmare trying to get everything finished. And there's always the people who come round with the "I know you're really busy getting ready for your holidays but could you just.....". This sort of request makes me want to punch the requester in the face but I usually restrain myself...

Surprisingly I managed to do everything I set out to do by 4pm (a rare day indeed) then had to traipse into town to do some very dull Post Office based chores for my brother over in Malaysia. Grrrr. I was totally shattered when I got home and had to start with the ironing, sorting and packing.

We're leaving at 3am too so it really is bed time! However, I just have time to report in my midweek WI. My pal Jenny wanted to switch from Monday to Friday WIs which suits me with this holiday. So I agreed and dutifully weighed in only to find out that Jen forgot! Anyway, 2lbs off so my challenge is to hold onto that drop while we're away. Which is quite a challenge....

Hasta la vista amigas!!

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Seren said...

Great loss! And, more importantly, have a WONDERFUL holiday.