Sunday, 27 October 2013

Pretty pictures for a stormy night

Actually, now I come to look at these photos, the weather was very similar to today's.  I walked through this big field this morning and it was grey, glowering and blustery.  The dogs were loving it - the wind sets Minty off into a frenzy of barking, and pouncing on poor, long-suffering Shelagh.

This is my pal Nicola enjoying the views and the hills.  Rather different to her home near London.  She'e recently taken up triathlon as a hobby (nutter) so the hills were a breeze.  I had to puff a bit to keep up with her long legs (she's 6 ft!).

The sun peeked out  towards the end.

Shelagh didn't bother looking - too busy sticking her head deep into the undergrowth looking for God knows what.

Two grumpy rams (they call them tups round here) glared at us - especially Minty who chose their field to run into having a last look for long-departed swallows.  Sigh.

I got her back and gave her a good talking to about unauthorised entries into sheep fields!

We've had a lovely quiet weekend.  Rich has worked both mornings which is a shame but it's been nice taking it easy and catching up on chores and telly programmes.  I went for a good long run yesterday morning and took the dogs for a decent blustery walk this morning so exercise not too bad and food fine too.  No damage done but I doubt I'll see a drop tomorrow.

Now, we're just waiting to see who is going to be leaving Strictly before I head out to the quiz.  I could live without seeing Dave Myers back next week to be honest - fear he has nothing more to add and his dancing freaks me out it is so bad!!

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