Tuesday, 5 November 2013

First fasting day.....and first pictures from my phone!!

It was my first  fasting day yesterday and it went well.  To be honest, I'd say my calorie intake was nearer 700 than 500 but I don't feel too bad about that as it was my first attempt and I went for a run along the canal towpath at lunchtime and to dancing in the evening. I ate as extras half a cold sausage and a cereal bar before dancing but, if not for those, my intake would've been stellar. I managed to say no to a Magnum Mini AND not feel hard done by when Rich ate his (having had to be reassured repeatedly that it was okay!).

As you can see, it was a glorious day so I was genuinely looking forward to getting out running. I didnt feel at all bothered by having less food in my system so figure that I must have sufficient reserves (which is no great surprise).  It is helpful to reminded that being a bit hungry is not the end of the world.

Why is everything so difficult?? All I wanted to do was to upload photos from my phone onto the blog. This has necessitated registering for Google + (as it turned out, needlessly) and numerous failed attempts.  However, I seem to have managed it now, somewhat clumsily, so I can introduce my personal cygnets to you. Tadaaaa

They were on their own so maybe their parents have lefthem to fend for themselves now. I will report how they get on after my next few runs. (See how optimistic I am!!)


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Peridot said...

Well, as you can imagine, I'll be really interested to read how you get on with 5:2!