Sunday, 2 December 2012

Back from the madhouse

 So, as you know, work has been crazy for 11 days from a week last Wednesday until the Friday just gone.  By crazy I mean working at non-stop intensity, giving up 2 days' leave, working weekends and struggling against the clock to get tasks completed before a deadline set by some nameless, faceless American funders.

After  a lot of stress and frustration, I eventually exchanged the contracts at just after 5pm on Friday.  Oh the relief!

It will be shortlived though as, while I've been doing this deal, all my other work has been sitting festering, becoming more urgent and MOUNTING UP!!  So, although I've had a lovely relaxed weekend NOT thinking about work, I know it will all be starting up again tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, here are the second batch of photos of our walk from a week last Sunday.  We were just heading down off the moor to the Derwent Reservoir and the farm on the hillside caught my eye.  It looks so timeless, like somewhere in a novel.

Aaaah, the water, and sheep, and sunshine....gorgeous.

The path around the reservoir leads through beech woods.

Shelagh takes a swim.

My lovely boy.

Minty paddles but mostly stays on dry land.

 At the end of the reservoir we see up to Bamford Edge.

Gleaming teasels

What a place to live, the views!

The road I take to work every day.

And then, as the afternoon became darker we headed back to the car.

This weekend has been lovely too.  Saturday was an orgy of shopping and cleaning and getting the house back to rights.  It was very satisfying, especially as we have now got some new pictures hung and a clean and tidy house!

My brother and his wife came over at lunchtime (before we had finished tidying up - how rude!).  We went for a walk (well, my brother, Richard and I went for a walk - Hadi is NOT a country girl - walking is fine as long as it's between shops....).  Then we hustled them out to mooch around Hathersage so we could finish cleaning and cooking ready for the evening.

As well as Graham and Hadi we also had Rich's brother David and his wife Vic over for dinner.  It was a nice evening, most convivial and chatty.  And not diet friendly in any way....I served anti-pasto to start and then a glorious creamy, garlicky, cheesy chicken tartiflette.  Mmmmmm it was reblochon heaven on a plate although I say so myself.  Dave brought a homemade treacle tart with icecream for dessert.  And a few bottle of wine too.

It wasn't the booziest evening though....we started early but then settled down.  It was lovely - family mixing and getting to know each other, catching up with our respective brothers and their wives, good food, nice wine, being in our home, cuddling the dogs and being together.

This morning the scales showed a jump from the low I've been enjoying all through the week but not a BIG jump.  And I've been okaaay today so I have fingers crossed for tomorrow's (or maybe Tuesday's??) weigh in.

Today, breakfast was toast.  Hmmmm

But then a decent hilly walk in the splendid, icy Peak District.  We would not have managed that walk if the ground hadn't been frozen as we were striding over frozen peaks of solid mud.  It would have been all but impassible if it had been muddy.  But, it was crisp, bright, clear as a bell and absolutely stunning.

Tonight has been a frustating hour wrestling with the internet to get something done followed by a delicious roast pork and the remains of the treacle tart...., what diet??

And now I'm going to watch Michael Vaughan depart Strictly (yep, there he goes...) and then head off to the pub for the quiz. 

A. Good. Day.  (Well, apart from Michael leaving Strictly but, to be fair, it is his time and he's had a good run.)

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