Sunday, 16 December 2012


So, I called it right on SPOTY.  Well done Wiggo and well done to ALL of the amazing contenders.

But, what I'm sad to be thinking about are those children and teachers in Newtown, Conneticut.  And now, of course, their families.

HOW can this still be happening??

When there is so much good stuff happening which we could all be celebrating and then it's all spoilt and tainted by such horrible tragedy.  I felt shallow being so happy and excited about SPOTY and the memories it brought back of this wonderful year but then there's no benefit in spoiling the good stuff with the bad. 

But I couldn't not mention them either.  Sigh....I'm a bear of feeble brain today and this is too serious a topic so I'll shut up now..... 

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Peridot said...

Even I guessed it. And even I (a sports hater) wanted Bradley to win. Although he looked like a 60s pimp.