Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sunny Sunday walk

You can tell that my workload has eased up as I'm suddenly able to find 30 minutes to post on consecutive days.  I can't think of much to say but here are some pretty pictures!

These are from our walk on Sunday afternoon.  We went up to the Ladybower Reservoir, walked round the path and then, because we found ourselves on the cold, unsunny side of the hill, we struck up onto Win Hill to find some sunshine higher up.  Cue much grumbling from Rich who had voted for a flat walk!!

Anyway, below we're crossing the Ladybower.  it wasn't flat calm but stunning nonetheless.

In my last photo post I took a photo of Ding Bank Farm and commented onthe view.  well Ding Bank is the green and orangey bank dead ahead in this photo and the farm is left of centre below the treeline.

I'm glad we didn't go onto Derwent Moor this week as they were burning up there as you can see the plume of smoke.

Bamford Edge and Ladybower Lodge (a former waterworks, now smart flats) below.

The spillway.  We were surprised that it wasn't spilling more vigorously given the rain we've had but, no, just a trickle.

Frustrating sunlight through the trees.

It was very dark and frozen away from the sunshine.

Icy logs.  I love the quiet, greyed out, stillness you get on cold, frozen days like last Sunday.

 Skirting the edge of Win Hill on a forestry track.

Hmmmm, free Christmas trees!!

We're nearly there - the sunshine is just over there..

Aah - there it is.  Views towards Bamford and Bamford Edge.

And back towards Ladybower and Derwent Moor.

It was really bright!

And back across the dam wall to the car, cold but refreshed.

Anyway, I'd better dash.  I'm off to a breakfast seminar in Sheffield this morning.  Just what I need, a room full of bacon butties and pastries!  "Black coffee for me please"!

I'm having to fight against that feeling to wanting to relax and "treat" myself post my big deal.  When I was in the throes of the big deal, I had to fight against the "just have what you want - it's an emergency" tempations and now it's the "it's over, treat yourself".  Aaaaargh!

But I'm standing firm (mostly) and hopefully I'll get another couple of lbs off before the Christmas temptations roll around.

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Peridot said...

A stone off is AMAZING! I don't do that in a year of effort. Well done you, hope you feel really proud of yourself.