Thursday, 13 December 2012


Did I blog about Brown Fat a while ago?? If I didn't, I did mean bad. There have been several recent articles about Brown Adipose Tissue and its wondrous potential to raise our temeperatures and thus burn more calories. This GOOD fat is apparently sited around our shoulder blades and activated by being cold (but not to the point of having to shiver). So maybe my slightly freaky (Six Weeks to OMG!) diet is onto a sound thing? I've been having these cold showers more out of faith than belief and now it turns out they might be rooted in good science!

Since I read the articles I have developed a slightly manic sounding cold shower mantra. I repeatedly exhort my brown fat to get going "C'moooon Brown Fat!!" I murmur as I turn the shower temperature down to bleeding arctic! "Cmon and get burning those calories for me!" Should I tell people this stuff I wonder? I think I sound mad....but hey, whatever works. It has certainly helped me stay under the cold water for longer and never wimp out with a warm shower even when I really want to. So, thank you Brown Fat, you are truly my friend.

Moving swiftly on, today I went for a 50 minute run along the canal path at lunchtime. I was very pleased with myself in that I managed to make myself continue past my usually turning back point to the next lock along. It was as lovely as a canal in the heart of industrial Rotherham can be. Everything was frozen; the path, the grass, the water; every plant rimed with ice; and the surface of the frozen canal scattered with what, in the Peak District would have been sticks thrown by children but in Rotherham was an assortment of beer cans and bottles. Most uplifting.


In other exciting news (well, for me) I saw a new number on the scales this morning - 14.6.6! So Operation Wriggle Room is going well so far. I'm trying to convince myself that this does NOT give me licence to see how much of that I can "use up" on Saturday night and instead turn it into a challenge to retain as much of that drop as possible. All I will say is, watch this space!

I'm also extremely excited about a long weekend. Having had to cancel a few day's leave during my work crisis, I had to take a few days to make sure I didn't lose them so have taken this coming Friday and Monday off. Rich is joining me on the Monday and we have Christmas shopping planning but Friday is a totally free day. I am going to take it easy and do nice things like icing the cake, decorating the tree and house, writing some cards (whoops, leaving it late this year), personal training (nice??!) and shopping. Actually that sounds pretty busy - something might have to give to allow some sitting in front of a fire watching an old movie!!
I hope you're all enjoying the festive season and not going too mad on the demon mince pies. Have fun peeps!

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Peridot said...

Hope you're enjoying your long weekend!