Saturday, 29 December 2012

Back to "Normal" after barrel-dom yesterday.

Yesterday was a day of excess.  Large cooked breakfast around lunchtime and only a short walk due to timing issues.  Then we were straight into town to take Rich's mum for her Christmas present excursion.  She wanted to see The Hobbit so we took her to see it and for a meal afterwards. 

A few chocs with the film and then a delicious brazilian meal.  Only a chain restaurant (Las Iguanas) but really tasty and thoroughly enjoyable.  NOT diet friendly in any way.  I had lamb empanadas to start and chicken and crayfish Xinxim (creamy, limey, peanut-y sauce) with rice, beans and fried plantains for my main course.  Then, because Sue and Rich were having a dessert, I caved and had a caramel cake!!  With a large glass of red and a cappuccino to wash it all down!!  I was FULL.  But happily so.

However, I vowed yesterday evening after all that naughtiness that I would definitely go for a run today.

Then was woken repeatedly through the night by the high winds and lashing rain.  To be honest I very nearly did not go.  I lay in my warm bed contemplating what else I could do - a DVD and home work out?  Swimming in town?  All a bit of a cop out or too tricky to organise.  So I peered through the window and spotted that the rain had lightened up a bit and it wasn't THAT cold and talked myself back into it.

So, with that thought, I sprang out of bed before I could argue my way out of it, got my running gear on and headed out.  I spared the pooches.  Partly because they would not enjoy it but also because it would be easier for me not to have to drag unwilling, unhappy little dogs along.

And it wasn't too bad.  Wet, windy, cold, splishy.  I was fooled by the wind being to my back on the way out so ran further than I'd intended and then struggled on the way back but I managed it.  35 brisk minutes.  Brisk as I usually take longer to do that route.  Possibly the rain encouraged me onwards....

We went into town to mooch round the sales later and I was pretty successful for a change - decent work shoes, a nice jumper that I'd decided against at full price but was happy to snap up at 50% off, a teapot (didn't get one for Christmas despite hints!), next year's Christmas cards and replacement make-up to cover the stuff lost by a nightclub just before Christmas.

And, the good thing is about today - NO snacking!!  I'm about to cook a healthy supper and then go out to the pub - will I manage a good night in the pub or will it all go wrong??

I'm hoping the former as I'm still hopeful of a STS over Christmas or at worst a lb on.  Fingers crossed peeps!!

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Seren said...

Well done you for getting straight back into an exercise and sensible eating routine. Everything crossed for the result that you deserve :-)