Sunday, 16 December 2012

Another Sunday, another hangover.

Guess what?  I won't be seeing this view tomorrow morning as I will not be going to work!!  Yay!  I love long weekends.  And I need one too as today as been a very, erm, "quiet" day.

It was Richard's work's Christmas party last night.  It was over the other side of Sheffield so we booked into an Ibis nearby and got over there early to watch the Sheffield Wednesday vs Barnsley match on Sky.  AMAZINGLY Wednesday won!!  3 points.  We finally ended a 7 game streak of defeats.  It was edgy and we probably didn't deserve to win as the goal came from a foul on the keeper but I DON'T CARE.  We have had such bad luck from referees this season that I will happily take any scrap of luck in our favour.

So, that put us in a good mood.  It was a good night out - not as much dancing as last year (the music was a tad dodgy) but a fair bit.  We drank too much of course but not MASSES too much.  As usual, we were nearly fine but blew it at the last of our mates had won a bottle of vodka in the raffle (Rich won a camcorder - could have been a 50 inch telly or ipad or kindle or travel vouchers but, no, a camcorder?!).  Anyway, back to the vodka - it would have been rude not to have forced them to open it and guzzle some down with extortionately priced diet cokes and coffees.

So, this morning was somewhat "tender" but I'm pleased that I have managed to stop (nearly) all rot in its tracks.  Cold shower, 3 hour wait 'til breakfast, sensible brekkie (I so nearly chowed into a carbtastic 2 bacon and egg sandwiches (4 slices of bread!!) but at the last minute managed to convert it into bacon, egg, muchrooms and tomatoes with ONE piece of toast only), afternoon walk, no snacking and healthful beef stew packed with veggies for supper. 

Somehow, a pack of winegums slipped into my shopping basket though.  I'm not actually that fussed about winegums but Rich is so rather than the chocolate I was craving the winegums were a compromise.  Hasn't stopped me craving chocolate all day though......grrr......but there's none in the house so an evening in front of SPOTY with no chance of naughtiness apart from a few winegums.  Sigh.

So, day off Christmas shopping tomorrow and hopefully a weigh in that won't make me sad???  Fingers crossed peeps.

PS.  My tip for the winner of SPOTY just before it starts is...........Bradley Wiggins.  At least I think he should win it but possibly Jess Ennis might pip him to it.  Rich is sitting on the fence - I've pushed him for a prediction but no go!  To be fair it is a tough pick tonight - so many fantastic achievements this year. What a wonderful year it has been.

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