Monday, 17 December 2012

The Kindness of the Scales

Not something I say often obviously but, today, the scales have been kind.  After a big Saturday night I managed a drop of 1.6lbs taking me to 14.6.2 and a total drop of 15.4 lbs,  FINALLY I hit my stone off.

To be honest the stone thing isn't that special because I have been circling it for a few weeks now and was only 0.2 lbs off for the last fortnight but I'm very pleased with 1.6 lbs off!  I know it came because I worked hard at sticking to the plan this week and, although I had one big blowout, I didn't let it start early or bleed into the next day.

So, what can I manage in the last week before Christmas?  A STS would be perfectly acceptable to be honest given that I have a big Council Christmas lunch followed by clubbing round town in Rotherham on Friday and then the weekend will begin.  And, thinking about it, we're going to my parents where there will be no scales so next week's WI will have to be a day early on Sunday morning before we go.  That's commitment for you!

Right, no time for more.  We've got to take the dogs out before heading into town for the dreaded shopping excursion.  Hope you're all doing well and having fun!


Seren said...

Well done! What a lovely milestone to reach in time for Christmas.


Peridot said...

Congrats! And hope the shopping wasn't too stressful.