Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Week 12 weigh in and pretty pictures to distract you....

Well, the weigh in came and went.  Actually I'm quite pleased to see a STS this week which contrasts nicely with the slightly despondent me reporting on one a couple of weeks ago. 

Last week was never going to be a stellar dieting week - 2 Christmas lunches; darts and dominoes against a local side; a home football match; a big night out in Sheffield; friends staying over so hospitality duties (and a hangover!) and a winning quiz.  No, I was not destined to drop poundage last week. 

I'm pleased that, in between the mayhem, I did some good damage limitation and have emerged unscathed.  Especially as I believe it is my traditional STS/fifth week.  So - great things this coming week??

Erm, maybe not.  I have nothing particular planned for the week but Saturday is going to be a Big Night Out (again).  It is Richard's work's Christmas party which was a really good night out last year.  this year it is over the other side of Sheffield so we're going to stay over in a nearby hotel for the evening. 

We will also be starting out early as Sheffield Wednesday is playing local rival, Barnsley in a televised fixture that evening so we will be out watching that before we go to the party.  it is a measure of how much we enjoyed last year that we're giving up the Barnsley away fixture in order to attend!!

So, the theme for the week is moderation in order to create wriggle room for a big Saturday night out.  There will be food and drink and dancing and I'm really looking forward to it.

At the moment I'm working from home from my parents' place which has been nice.  It gives Dad a break and the dogs love it.  I took them out for a 40 minute run before it got dark which Shelagh could have lived without (I had to drag her out the house on her belly the lazy thing!).  I can't blame her though - it was arctic.  Clear, icy, freezing but very fresh and ultimately I think even Shelagh enjoyed it - she's like my chimp, unwilling but usually fine once we get going.  Wouldn't it be good if we had giant humans to drag us out for a run when we don't feel like it?

I'm on leave tomorrow so half a day here in Lincolnshire and then home to sort out the Christmas tree - yay!!  I'm not doing too badly this year - the cake is made and a few presents bought but no cards written as yet!  Whoops.

Anyway, below are pictures of our hungover walk with friends last Sunday.  We'd had a big night out in Sheffield and had not got to bed until after 5am so I think we did well to manage a couple of bracing hours out on the moors.  It was stunning and well worth the pain.  Eagle-eyed readers will spot that Rich and I did most of this walk a few weeks ago...recycling eh....lack of brain power to think of somewhere new more like!

Claire was adamant that she was going to fall over so hands were held pretty much the whole way round.  It made me laugh here as Tom looks as though he's dragging her along. In the end, she didn't fall over but Rich did!

The light was A.Ma.Zing.

Minty looks petrified here but I assure you she was wagging her tail - it's just wagged to the other side!!

It was SOOO windy when we hit this corner, we could hardly stand up and taking a photo was a majoy achievement.

Awww - it must be love.
He fell over.....

Then the wind dropped as we came lower and the sun came out and it turned into a stunning afternoon.

Righto - better go and put supper on - roast beef for us!!


Peridot said...

Ah yes, the old moderation thing. Sounds so innocent, doesn't it? And yet I find it fiendishly difficult. You are made of sterner stuff however....


Seren said...

Excellent result in the circumstances! And gorgeous pictures as always.