Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Week 10 Results (Or, I have ground to a halt.....)u


It's a big, fat Stay The Same.  I know that I have said to other people MANY times that this is fine but I'm disappointed nonetheless.

For most of last week I was sitting on a decent drop.  For 2 days I was down at 14.7.8, a mere 0.2 lb away from hitting my stone off.  But then the day of weigh in dawns and I'm back to 14.9.0.


I know why, of course.

Saturday night at the Golf Club Dinner was a massive night and I drank far too much.  However, Saturday night is not the only villain of the piece.  In reality, I would not have gone as mad had I not been working so hard and been so hacked off with it.  I felt guilty about spending all that time at my computer and determined not to take away fromRich's big night out so ended up staying out far too late. 

During the actual do, I was fairly restrained, drank but slowly and had a few shorts and non-alcoholic drinks in between the glasses of wine.  And danced like a mad woman.  If we had stayed 'til the end and then gone home, I doubt the downside would have been as bad.

But, we had taxi problems and it was chucking it down so we ended up taking a slightly early lift back to the village and going into the White Hart for a few (several) and just stayed and stayed and stayed....'til it was nearly light!!  Which then knocked us out for the whole of Sunday and causing no exercise on Sunday although I was pretty good on the food front.

While it's tempting to blame Saturday night for the whole STS debacle, I also have to look at what went on during the week.  I had intended to go for a run on Wednesday and work pressures knocked that off the agenda.  The same again on Thursday (as well as causing a mini carb-fest).  I did manage a run on Friday and Saturday but nothing on Sunday or Monday so, really, work has to take equal blame with the excesses of Saturday.

I'm pleased that, mini carbfest on Thursday aside, I have not turned to  food for comfort and have stuck determinedly to my cold showers, balck coffee and morning walk routine.  And, ultimately, I have NOT gained.

Must do better next week and, God, I hope next week is not as hard at work (but I think it might be).

Today, I've got my running gear in the office and am going to do my absolute best to get out for a run at lunchtime.  I think I'll avoid the canal side path though as it looks a bit flooded.....


Peridot said...

You have my utter sympathy - work stress is an enormous trigger for me. And it's such an unsatisfying one as it's just gulped calories rather than anything savoured or enjoyed. Hang in there.


Seren said...

I think given the pressure you were under last week, staying the same is a good result - the weekend was some much needed steam letting off. There are always things we could do differently (or better!) but sometimes, if we are having a tough week, just getting through without inflicting damage on the scales is worthy of many pats on the back.