Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Weekend Update

I should have posted this last night but I got sleepy after dancing and forgot.  so here you re, better late than never:

First up, I have a confession to make. You know I said I'd seen a heartening 4 lb drop?? Well, I did my maths wrong and it was actually an encouraging 3 lb drop!! Whoops.

Next up, while we're on the "house-keeping", as 2 out of 3 of my weigh-ins have been on a Tuesday, I'm going to stick to Tuesdays and will report in tomorrow. I'm hoping that the wedding weight doesn't all land in one fell swoop tomorrow morning but, assuming it does not, I'm hoping for a modest drop on the scales.

The wedding on Saturday was great. We had a truly lovely day, despite the unforecasted rain which siled it down all afternoon, starting 30 minutes before the ceremony was due to take place after a beautiful blue-sky morning.... It eventually stopped once we were all safely inside for the reception. That's an English autumn for you.

They had chosen a lovely spot for the civil ceremony - Brookfield Manor in Hathersage. It used be a wedding venue years ago and was at that time a slightly shabby grand house in a beautiful setting. Now the house has been sold to a private owner and is not used for weddings but they have built a stand-alone function room in the grounds complete with terrace, knot garden, fountains, statuary and gorgeous views.

From one beautiful spot to another. The reception was at Hassop Hall on the way to Bakewell which is stunning and very swanky. Gorgeous food, lovely setting, all oak-panelled rooms with squashy sofas, open fires and little conversation nooks and a grand ballroom for dining and dancing.

The music! Normally I feel left out at civil ceremonies because you don't get to sing but the singer who accompanied the wedding service and the meal was so good that I didn't feel like I was missing out at all. A rich, honeyed and very simple voice. No unnecessary trilling and wooooahooo's which I can't stand and a great choice of songs. The band who came on later were pretty good too.

Then onto the dancing. We did LOTS. Not really any proper ballroom or latin as the floor was so busy (and we had had too much to drink) but twirly, fun dancing. I just LOVE dancing with Richard, and without him to be fair.

So, I've covered the venues, the music, the dancing....erm, what else?? Ah yes. The food and drink.....

Drink flowed. REALLY flowed. From the numerous glasses of champagne at Brookfield Manor through many more of mulled wine at Hassop before the meal to wine with the meal, cocktails after and then back to wine. LOTS. Whoops.

Food? Not TOO bad. I did my usual morning routine of cold shower, walk, black coffee and no food for 3 hours and had a modest, carb-free breakfast of 2 rashers of bacon and 2 eggs just before we left. Which was a good thing as we didn't get any food (not even canapes as they didn't make it past the lobby to the room we were in) until 4.30pm! The meal was great - best wedding catering I've ever had. And not bad diet-wise. I was too full to even think about supper when it was served later and only had a small piece of wedding cake.

Really it was only the drink which will cause me weight based problems and I'm hoping that all the dancing will help me to "get away with it".

But, you know what? Who cares if it doesn't? It might set me back a week but it was a great do and our friends looked so happy to be getting hitched. We were with family and friends old and new and each other and you don't get good days and nights out like that very often.

Sunday was a day of hangover, feeling tender but trying to restrain myself from a carb-fest. It is one thing eating and drinking whatever you feel like AT the wedding but another to let go the day after and compound the naughtiness. In the main I managed it. Once I'd forced myself into it, the cold shower perked me up a treat (for an hour or so) and I put off eating until midday when I had a bacon and egg cob before going for a sunny walk with the dogs (photoes to follow). But, once home again, the temptation to eat bread or pasta or anything stodgy was strong. I managed to limit the damage to a muffin and apple midafternoon and a small bowl of homemade roasted parsnip and parmesan soup with a chunk of baguette as an extra/ starter at suppertime. Other than that, normal food and no booze at the quiz. So, the rot has been stopped and I'm safely back to my normal routine this morning.

In fact, I have just had my lunchtime salad and feel absolutely stuffed!

Dancing tonight - I'm pleased (but slightly surprised) that Michael Vaughan and Natalie Lowe made it through Strictly last night and wonder if we'll see them at the studio this evening. If we do, what do you say? Last week it was easy to congratulate Natalie as we walked in but truthfully, their jive was DIRE. An encouraging joke?? Perhaps they won't show their faces as they will be rehearsing their next dance in the hope that they do a better job next week?!

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