Thursday, 4 October 2012

Day 17 - sunshine and showers (Wednesday)

I went for a quick walk round the low fields yesterday afternoon.  Wanna come? 

This is a slightly spooky and somewhat decrepit house just down the road from us.  I'd love to get my paws on it though as loads of original (crumbling) features and fantastic views over the village to the hills beyond.

I know a lot of people don't like fuschias but these are gorgeous.  Sitting next to the brook running through the village in a grey corner, they are a splash of colour.

Minty scans the field for low-flying swallows.  There are none as I suspect they've all set off on their long trek to Africa.

It starts to brighten up a little and gives me a view of Lose Hill in the distance.

I look behind me and see a rain shower chasing me out of the village.

But in front of me a lovely rainbow is forming.

Minty keeps scanning the skies and still no joy.

Her frustration bubbles over and she ambushes Shelagh!

Finally the rainbow is whole.

And the sunshine is out to play properly now.

Still no swallows though...

But, don't be fooled by the sunshine  -  we have had a LOT of rain!

Then the walk back through the village with Bradwell Edge looming above it.

The scales are moving properly in the right direction now with another 2 lbs sliding off so I was right to keep the faith.  Seeing a lower number really helps me to get into the shower but it doesn't get any easier.  I know that, if I miss one cold shower it will become that much harder to make myself do it every morning so, so far, I've had one every morning without fail.  And, once I get in, it's not THAT bad, honest!

I was playing golf so that was my morning POM.  The dogs weren't impressed as they have got used to their morning walks now!  Golf on an empty stomach was surprisingly fine and I played well in the lovely autumnal sunshine (although my score wasn't good!!).  I took my mini-meal of muffin and fruit and ate it on the 11th while I searched for yet another lost ball!

After golf was a quick salad lunch, work and the dog walk pictured above.  Then Rich rang and suggested a trip to the cinema as we haven't been for ages.  We had no idea what we were going to watch which was, in hindsight, a mistake but it was great to get out, have a quiet glass of wine together and a chat.....and then sit through a horrible film.

We picked Killing Them Softly, mainly because it started at a decent time and we could get seats NOT in the front row.  Our second mistake!  It was probably a "good" film but I HATED it (Rich wasn't keen either).  It was all ugliness - horrible, bleak American cityscapes, futile, pointless violence, no beauty, no love or even friendship, no values, nothing.  I KNOW that's what the director had in mind, Brad Pitt's final speech said as much, but it didn't endear itself to me.  We both agreed that next time we would do some research before going to the flicks!  Thought-provoking I suppose and it certainly made me appreciate even more the beauty of my morning POM today!

Foodwise, excellent, apart from one glass of red, no cinema treats which is a result. 

Right, I've got to dash.  Good days everyone!!

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Hetty said...

Ahh I enjoyed that thanks. Always good to get a peak district fix via your blog now I've moved away.

p.s. Can you clean my boots now please?! :)