Sunday, 7 October 2012


I had Friday off and, having had a big night out on Thursday (to which I have previously confessed!), I thought I needed to add a bit of oooomf to my morning routine.  So I tried another cold bath. But this time I didn't put ANY hot water in, not even the paltry amount which I tried last time which I thought didn't make any difference.  Well, now I know that it DID make a difference!!

It was ICY!  I stood in the water for a while as per Venice's instructions but couldn't bring myself to sit down.  So I wimped out and added a little bit of hot.  Doubt it warmed the water up but psychologically it was enough to get me to sit down and then lie down.  I had set a timer for 9 minutes and they were the longest 9 minutes of my life.  I was wimpering out loud for half of them.  I forced myself not to check the time for longer than I thought possible then, when I did give in and check the timer, I still had 2.5 minutes left.  They went a bit quicker but didn't stop the moaning!!

Still, I got through it and most of my body warmed up pretty quickly once I was out of the water.

My problem is that I developed Reynauds(s?) syndrome a few years ago (apparently it runs in the family - once you hit 40 it pops up!) which means I have poor circulation in my fingers.  When I get cold the blood leaves my fingers and then doesn't return so I have pink/red hands and dead, yellowy white fingers for AGES!  I have to windmill my arms round to force the blood to get down into the ends of the fingers and it can be painful for a while.  Given the time it takes to have a cold bath, combined with the period afterwards when I don't have any feeling in my fingers, I think it'll be cold showers on work days at least!

The scales were kind up until this morning (Sunday) showing a good drop of 4 lbs which made me feel excellent.  of course this morning, the day before WI, they have reversed the kindness policy leaving me sitting on a stingy 1.5lb drop for the week.  I suppose after drinking on Thursday, a single glass on Friday, and 2 pints on Saturday, I shouldn't expect much better but I'm going to have an exemplary day today and hope for the best!

Right, I'd better dash - golf this morning!


Caroline Whymark said...

I feel your pain: carbs, you give them an inch and they take a mile as evidenced by my post wine carb fest. Ah well as they say, nothing changes if nothing changes!

Love Cat said...

I also suffer from Raynauds! It's mostly just the top part of my right index finger but it SO annoying.

Apparently booze helps to open up the capiliaries!