Monday, 29 October 2012

Week 6 Results - OMG!!

I know I've been weighing myself on a Tuesday for the last few weeks but today is officially the end of my initial 6 week stint and, when I stood on the scales this morning, there was a drop so it's Results Day today!!

I dropped 2.2 lbs of unwanted blubber last week taking me to a very neat and tidy 11 lbs off in 6 weeks.  Venice (personally) assured me that, if I followed the mildest form of his diet plan (Wave), I should drop between 10 and 15 lbs so I have met his expectations.  Well done Venice!!

I'm very pleased with this result.  It is the most I've dropped for over a year since I dropped 12 lbs on Slimming World at the end of last summer.  I remember feeling like I was on a roll then and that I'd cracked it and then we went on holiday to Northumberland, did quite well that week but never quite got back to it afterwards and put it all back on along with a bit extra!!

So, let's see if I can learn my lessons from that experience eh?!  We don't have any holidays planned for the rest of the year so that is one banana skin avoided. I'm enjoying this diet and can't see why I should come off it; I've managed to stick to it through temptations and  big nights out and still achieve steady results.  Long may it continue.

I'm beginning to see actual benefits of shrinking.  My jeans are VERY baggy now so I must be nearly into the ones which I haven't worn for a year.  I have been running 3 times now and suspect that, if I'd been lugging an extra 11 lbs round with me, my chimp would have successfully talked me out of it. I can fit into last year's Christmas party dress and a dancing outfit which I stopped wearing months ago.  And I feel positive and energetic.

PS.  No-one has stopped me and said "OMG - you've lost loads of weight!" which Venice ASSURED me would happen but I have faith that it WILL happen given a bit more time.  (Okay, a LOT more time.)

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Seren said...

Wow, what a fantastic result - well done you! A very well deserved pat on the back winging its way to you.