Tuesday, 2 October 2012


This is my 900th post!!  I can't believe I am still blogging over 5 and a half years after I first started on a total whim!  I had hardly even heard of blogs but was about to start Lighter Life the following day and was very excited about it.  I had heard a chap on the radio saying something about his wife doing a blog about a charity walk so looked into it.  As I investigated online, I ended up setting up my own blog and posting my first post that very night!

I have had such pleasure from it and met such a wonderful array of people.  I have been able to work through some serious issues and post a lot of photos which I probably wouldn't have taken if I hadn't had somewhere to put them.   It has opened so many windows onto the world which I might never have looked through.

It just goes to show - wonderful things can happen from a whim.

Which is good because I started this Six Weeks to OMG plan on a total whim as well.  Fingers crossed that I'm still at it and have been as sucessful in 5 and a half years time!

Anyway, I have to dash to work now so I hadn't actually intended to blog much at all.  I just wanted to say - THE SCALES HAVE MOVED!!

Okay, it's only 0.6 of a lb but it is a different number and I'm back on the move again.  Thank God for that.

And dancing last night!!  No - no time - I'll tell you about that later!


Seren said...

Happy 900th post! For 1000 I think you should definitely organise some sort of virtual party :-)

And hurrah for movement on the scales...well earned and well overdue.


Isabelle said...

Happy 900! And congrats on the scale move.