Sunday, 21 October 2012

So, how am I getting on with this diet eh??

But before we get to that malarkey, here are some pics from my Saturday walk with Kerry up at Dale Dyke Reservoir.  It was, as you can see, a lovely sunny autumn day and the colours were simply stunning.  The path circled the reservoir, starting in the woods and finishing in open fields.

Minty enjoys snuffling through crunchy autumn leaves.

Kerry somewhat overexposed with bright sunshine on her face.

Me looking deeply inelegant.  Need a nicer fleece!

Into the open fields with bright sunshine.  It was lovely and warm - tee shirt weather!

I think the successes of last week in avoiding temptation (almost?) led me to complacency this week.  At the beginning of the week, I found myself being a bit slack in observing the diets's strictures.  Nothing major but a few too many small departures.  Possibly focussing on future clothing successes made me forget that I have still to do the hard yards.  Choices still have to be made, correctly, every single day.

This was where my decision to weigh myself every morning comes in.  I had a couple of days of a small drop and then on Friday morning the drop was reversed and became a small GAIN!  This really put the wind up me.  But I wasn't downhearted (much) and re-focussed on what I am doing here.  I was worried though because I still had several drinking opportunities to negotiate in the week so a gain so early really spelled danger.

Thursday was darts and dominoes, Friday was the football against Leeds and Saturday was a gig in Sheffield - the excellent Sheffield band, Reverend and the Makers.  Eeeeek!!

So, I tightened up my daily routine.  I also concentrated on a making a plan.  Planning has been crucial to this diet so far.  Visualising in advance temptations and difficult situations has really helped me overcome them.

I agreed to drive on Thursday so that was one night with only one glass of wine. 

On Friday I decided to either go swimming or to a class while Rich and his dad went to the pub before the match.  Unfortunately, when I investigated what was on offer at Hillsborough leisure centre, there was no lane swimming and the only class at the right time was full up.  Grrrr  But I will check earlier next match and book in.  Undetered, howver, I went for a run!!  Hallelujah.  I haven't been running for months so it was good to remind myself that I DO actually enjoy it and it wasn't toooo painful.  Of course, as mentioned in my last post, I did end up drinking one too many pints but these things do happen - it was a mistake alright?!

So that just leaves Saturday.  Last time we went to see the Rev, I drank like a fish, pints too.   I thought it through though and realised that  I genuinely want to drop the lbs more than I want to have a big night out on the beer.  I pledged that I would drink shorts and alternate with sparkling water or lime and soda.  And I did!  I had a wonderful night.  We danced and bounced up and down like nutters and had a few drinks afterwards too and I limited the booze to 4 single measure of rum with diet coke.  Rich was great too - said he didn't fance a kebab/burger on our way home (which he did of course) so I didn't have to put up with the torment of resisting.  That little consideration was MUCH appreciated.

After the gig, Jon Mcclure (the Rev) usually comes outside and does a accoustic set standing on a flower bed amongst the crowd.  Rich had seen it before so guessed he would use the same flower bed.  He did, so we ended up in the front row with the Rev was conducting a sweet and mellow singalong 2 foot in front of us which was great.  He is very down to earth and obviously enjoys being right in the middle of the crowd and blagging a ciggie off a woman next to us!

So, after a blip, I got back on track and I'm sure the weighing myself was crucial to achieving this.  If I hadn't weighed, I wouldn't have noticed my complacency and might have gone over the top on at least one of Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

So, I have 2 days left before WI on Tuesday morning and I'm hopeful that I might achieve a small drop, or at least no gain.....

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Isabelle said...

Fingers crossed! Though I think you look lovely as you are.