Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Week 5 Results

It was with nervous trepidation I stepped onto the scales this morning.  They have been somewhat inconsistent this week so, although feeling that I had stuck pretty well to the plan, I feared a random smiting by fate.

But it was not to be!  1.6lbs off.  I'm pleased with that after my flirting with complacency in the middle of the week.  I successfully managed to haul myself back onto the plan and have, for the most part, enjoyed it.

That takes me to a 5 week total of 8.8 lbs, the very definition of slow but steady.  I'm still in with a shout of hitting the 10 lb total for the 6 weeks but, to be honest that is totally arbitrary.  I'm going to be on the plan for a lot longer than that and sustainability is much more important than hitting some random target.

In related news, I wore a dress to dancing last night which has been out of my available choices for a while due to excessive stomach.  It was fine last night!  I think it contributed towards us having a really good dance.  I felt better and looked foxier so put more effort into what the dance looked like, especially the waltz and tango again.  I'm looking forward to the next batch of new/old clothesto be  liberated from the back of my wardrobe!

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