Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Still trying

Well, as to the goals:

  • I haven't read the SW book yet but have kept a diet sheet today.
  • I haven't been for a run today but it was my day for personal training so ws up with the lark at 7am sweating like a mad thing. It was very hard this morning for some reason but I persevered.

  • I've cut right down on the picking. Tally today has been 2 (small) cookies at lunchtime and a slice of bread this evening before going for a walk. I have avoided picking several times though so it is good news.
  • Booze not so bad but then it wouldn't be on a Tuesday night! One drink with supper, then water.

Having said that, I have eaten more than I strictly should have as we went for a longer than expected walk along the riverbank and ended up going to the pub for supper. I had Thai Prawn curry and rice with plenty of fresh veg and salad so not too bad. Anyway, I don't really care because it was a lovely evening and it's going to rain for days now and D is back to the rig on Saturday so I want to enjoy this week.

In other news, Minty is losing her baby teeth. I vaguely knew that this happened to pups but it was a bit disconcerting this morning to see one of her canine teeth hanging out of the side of her mouth!! It doesn't seem to be slowing her down any....she had a cracking time by the riverjust romping after Shelagh amd running around in mad little circles. She's not happy going out of her depth in the water yet but is perfectly happy to stand in it up to her chin....little coward.

So - I'm going to avoid the picking at home now and try to make sure that today has been neither good nor bad foodwise, just ok but fun on all other fronts!

Have a great week everyone.


Crystal said...

Good for you, sounds like progress to me. Picking is tough to cut down on so cutting back is a great way to drop some of those calories without making yourself feel deprived. Nice to see you getting in those morning workouts. They always help me feel better throughout the day.

ThickChick said...

You seriously should work for the Scottish tourism department. Your photos always leave me ready to book a ticket!!!!!!

Peridot said...

Or perhaps the peak district tourist dept?!!

You always sound so perky and positive - it's so refreshing (from a grump!). Thai prawn curry sounds pretty healthy to me (yummy).

Peridot x

J said...

oops you may get this twice - but just wanted to say big thankyou for all your support- it has really helped- good grief I've even gone and bought some new running shoes :0
you sound v positive - good luck with the rest of the week x

Peridot said...

Loved your Lard Council comment on my blog! Actually it's almost the exact opposite which increases the irony!

Have a good weekend. In all senses.

Peridot x

Mrs said...


You are continuing to inspire - with your pics, your attitude and your sheer determination.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxx