Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Sunny evening and gorgeous, gorgeous summer...

I had a hard day at work today, I was in a heavy negotiation meeting from 11am 'til nearly 5pm with no food or tea/coffee, only water, and not enough of that for all of us!! What a cock up.

Anyway, it was a productive meeting but hard work concentrating for that period of time on quite tricky stuff. Ultimately satisfying though, as Mrs L would say, it's "real work"!! It was also quite satisfying remembering that being a bit hungry is not the worst thing in the world either. After training I had a really good breakfast of grilled bacon and poached eggs with one small piece of wholemeal toast so it wasn't as though I was going to starve or anything...a useful lesson.

I had a coffee and a banana muffin on the way home and then took the dogs straight out for a good long tramp. We didn't go anyplace special, just the Mill and the stepping stones but it was a lovely summer's evening.....not bright sunshine but a beguiling mixture of sun and cloud. I was so taken with the ducks on the river and the sheer brilliant brightness of the plants growing among the rocks in the shallow, fast running part of the river below the weir.... They were so fresh, acid bright and lush...simply delicious.
I spent ages taking pictures until Shelagh yelled at me to hurry up as she had swallows to chase and all this hanging around was annoying!!
I know it sounds a bit sappy and generally I'm well aware how lucky I am to live here, but sometimes I'm struck anew by little, stunning things and appreciate it all the more. This evening was definitely one of those times.
So, that's really all I've got to say now as I posted this morning too. Thanks for your best wishs to the naughty-but-nice Minty, much appreciated....she is currently chewing a pillow and no doubt looking round for something more dangerous to sample....bleach or something...


J said...

Thanks for your encouragement -I got through day 1 of ss (getting back on track plan/wedding countdown) and managed a bit of a run - not in your league mind - I do about 20 minutes!
Your photo's are gorgeous as usual x hope all continuing to go well for you x

Peridot said...

Minty - if only she were so brave when it came to swimming! Our old Lab ate a whole packet of Neurofen once - and a whole host of other disgusting but less lethal things.

It does look nice oop north. Let's hope this weather continues!

Peridot x