Wednesday, 9 July 2008

3 days down and doing well...

Doesn't the rock look like a snake or lizard or something...

Minty, looking from Surprise View towards Carl Wark and Higger Tor

View towards Hathersage (I love that jealous...)

Shelagh with Stanage Edge in the background

I've stuck to the Slimming World plan for 3 days now and it's not that bad! I have had a few Syns mind but all counted and not excessive. I think I'll be a little better organised next week but I can already see some progress on the scales so that is very heartening.

I don't know why it took me so long to get my mind into gear about this diet but it seemed very hard to get started. Still, I have done so now and I'm going to just keep going at a slow and steady pace for the next few months until I have hopefully lost a couple of stone and am back in my 12's (maybe not the thinnest ones but most of them!).

Re my mini-goals, the only one which is eluding me is the exercise. I have not upped it this week. In fact I have NOTHING since my run on Sunday. I fully intended to go running Monday, Tuesday and this evening but have found "valid" excuses each evening.

The main one is the dogs. When D is away, they are home alone (2 of them with access to the garden whenever they want and neighbours who come and go, but alone nonetheless). When I get back in, I just want to spend time with them and take them for a walk and so far the walks have pushed out the runs. I could take them running and will have to do that if I can't come up with an alternative because this is not working at the moment.

I know I will enjy the exercise but am not doing it for some reason.

Anyway, tomorrow, I'm working from home so I will be able to go for a guilt free run in the morning as I won't have a long drive to work. Hopefully that will kickstart me.

This evening I WAS going to go but then Shelley cancelled because it was chucking it down....and I used that as an excuse ....again... So am taking the dogs out now. At least I'm walking, better than nothing I suppose. And there's a bucket load of hoovering to be done so that'll burn off some calories.....sigh....


Peridot said...

What beautiful countryside! Whatever happened to your holiday home? I did email you to rent it out for friends of mine but never heard back.

Well done for getting in the groove again. All the walking DEFINITELY counts as exercise.

Peridot x

Lesley said...

Oh, yes, sorry about that! My bad...

We ended up getting a long let on it by chance and decided that running it as a holiday home would distract us from the job of finishing off our own place. So we currently have a lady solicitor (perfect tenant) renting it. If you or your friends ever want a cottage up here though, two of mates have cottages locally and do mates rates (in fact a blogger we both know is staying in one right now...)

Lesley x

Crystal said...

Good to see you getting back into the swing of things in the food department. The exercise will come, too. The dogs are a healthy excuse not to get in a run here and there-I change lots of my gym plans for my little guy!

Beautiful much wide open space. love it :)

Steve Stenzel said... looks like a turtle head! Cute photos!!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

That rock does look like a reptile--like the neck and face of a turtle, I think.

Peridot said...

ooooh, what blogger?

And what news from the SW front?

Peridot x

PS Typically I was looking at the circular stone with the hole in the middle and thinking it looked like a particularly yummy thick chocolate biscuit from M&S!

ThickChick said...

Your photos w/the fam are so heart warming!! And as usual, your scenic pics are breathtaking.

Woohoo - so happy to hear that Slimming World is treating you right! Sometimes just THINKING about going on the plan is the worst part of the plan! ;) (I need to remember this!)