Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Shocking lack of willpower....

I am really struggling with the running at the moment I was full of good intentions to run this evening and then Shelley cancelled on me. That should make no difference whatsoever but suddenly I full of mental discussions with myself about what else I could do instead of running. Me, who used to be so self-motivated!!

I had just about talked myself out of running this evening and decided that I really "needed" to stay in and do chores in readiness for my friend coming this actual fact, penance for not running!

But I just read J's comment on my last post about going out for a 20 minute run and that "not being in my league"....! You can imagine the shame I feel at that. That someone thinks I'm out there pounding the streets and I was just about to take the pooches for an amble then stay in.

So, I'm going out for a run NOW and a heart felt "THANK YOU" to J for inspiring me to do it!

Hope you like the piccies, I tried to upload them yesterday but blogger was not cooperating for some reason....
Update - well I made it out for a decent run - I was out for over an hour but walked for the last 5/10 minutes as I wanted to give the dogs chance to sniff around and chase rabbits on the way home. It was hard but I managed a good long route and a couple of decent hills.
I was not terribly hard on myself or anything, took it steady and stopped a few times to take photos, let the dogs have a quick swim and get Minty on and off the lead occasionally. I think being relaxed helped. At the moment I'm not training for anything so why shouldn't I stop every now and then?? Hopefully that attitude will make it easier for me to go out running more regularly. I need this to become the habit it used to be for me once more.
Training tomorrow and another run with Shelley planned for Friday followed by a hiking weekend with a mate visiting from London so there's a good chance that this week will be properly active.....about time too.....
Fingers crossed for me!!


Crystal said...

Love the pictures! Everything is so green and beautiful much nature! All I've got is pavement and palm trees.

Peridot said...

Beautiful pics as ever - feel very envious!

Well done on the run - an hour or so AND a hill sounds very impressive to me. And I think you doing what you need to do to enjoy it (and the dogs too) is definitely a good idea.

I seem to be coming down with a slight cold and am using this already in my mind as an excuse not to run tomorrow morning!

Peridot x

ThickChick said...

On the days my heart isn't in it, I don't force it. If I walk some, then I walk some. I think it is just important to get out there and do SOMETHING. Good on you for forcing yourself out there!!

And as always...gorgeous pics!

J said...

glad to be of assistance ( as you have been to me on countless occasions) x hope you had a great weekend