Saturday, 19 July 2008

Busy and carbed out...

I had a great day yesterday in Leeds at the cricket (Test match against South Africa). I spent the day with my football buddy, Jim and then had a night out in Leeds with Jim and his girlfriend. That was good too, a lovely french meal and several posh bars for cocktails etc.

Trouble is, I have been rushing and am not organised re food so today have been incredibly busy and rushed and when I finally got to sit down after hours in the wind and rain (of which more later), I ended up eating crackers and cheese 'til they went out of fashion!. Don't know why, it was just all I had in that was handy and required no effort.

Of course, immediately afterwards, I had a massive carb-fueled crash. And I mean CRAAASSHH!! I just fell asleep on the sofa with both dogs on top of me and woke an hour later feeling terrible, really stiff and lethargic and fat!. Grrrr

I'm meant to be going to the pub tonight and really should as I haven't seen my local mates much recently but all I want to do is go to 9pm on a Saturday!

Anyway, I came up to the computer and read a couple of blogs and now feel a little more motivated. I'll have a wash and change and head out and see how it goes. I'm cheesed off with my weight though as I feel I may have undone some of my good work and I have my SW weigh in on Monday but I'll cross that bridge later.

Go for a run tomorrow and have a healthy carb-free day!!! Can't believe how bad I felt this evening...really sluggish and bloated. Food is not to be trifled with.

Hey ho...sometimes rushing is not good but then sometimes you have to participate in life and get involved. You can't cut yourself off from everything just because it makes eating sensibly harder. It was just the combination of a busy week, a few weekends away followed by a day/night in Leeds followed by a busy day in a stall at the Bamford Carnival.

I'm part of a group raising money to fund a complete makeover of our local childrens' play area. It has become a disgrace, the equipment old, broken and uninspiring. So we're applying to the Lottery (and loads of other funding sources) for £50k to re-do it. This afternoon was part of the eternal "community consultation" bollocks which you have to do as part of the application!! It's ridiculous, everyone knows it needs doing, all the mums in the village agree but we have to jump through hoops, organise petitions, stands at the local fair, I've set up a blog and we've done questionnaires, all to "evidence" a local need for this facility....sigh...

Anyway, it was really windy here today, and rainy, and sunny, and showery, talk about Four Seasons in One Day! So it was pretty tiring but good fun.

So, I don't regret my busy time but I need to step back and get better organised and have a few quiet, settled days very soon.

Bye for now. xxx


Mrs said...

"it was just all I had in that was handy and required no effort"

Oh Lesley. I SOOOO relate to that sentiment. AND that whole thing about participating (with LIFE) and...eating.

I'm beginning to understand the impact of my favourite foods (carbs); it's tough, isn't it?!

Ho hum indeed! Anyway, fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I shall be thinking of you.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxx

PS can you tell us a bit more about SW? All I know is that it has red and green days and sins (or is it syns - sic?!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Peridot said...

Hmm, I know only too well the evil carb slump. Combine it with refined sugar and my entire body goes haywire.

Of course, 2 dogs sleeping on you MIGHT have also contributed to feelings of achiness!

Peridot x