Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Hanging in there

The weir at Bamford Mill

Dogs chasing low flying swallows....they're not very bright!

View towards Win Hill from Bamford Mill

Well, to be honest, I'm not really doing very well. I'm not seriously dropping weight at the moment and I feel really fat. I know in my head that I'm still 6 stones lighter than I was last January but I also know that I'm 2 sizes bigger than I was this time last year (16 to last year's size 12/14) and that's just annoying.

I'm not gaining anymore and I have cut back a lot on the picking but I have not fulfilled my goals from last week in that I have not read the Slimming World book and I have not done enough exercise. I have cut right back on picking and not had nearly as much to drink though so 2 out of 4.


Diarmuid has just left for South Korea and will be away for 5 weeks. This means I have NO EXCUSES! I can sort out the fridge. I'm preparing food only for me and I do not need to go out for meals and drink as much.

I have been toying with the idea of doing LL or CD properly for 5 weeks but think that is unsustainable so will do SW PROPERLY (!) for 5 weeks instead. I should be able to lose at least a stone and a half in that time and remind myself how to regulate my intake.

Exercise is key for me too. Because I feel fat, I'm less keen on running. This is strange as I used to go running when I weighed 19 stone but then I didn't know how much easier it could be without the weight. Now I've gone the other way, it seems very painful and often I elect to take the dogs for a walk instead of a run.

Now that D is away there will be no excuse of going for a family walk together rather than a run.....the dogs will just have to learn to enjoy jogging! At least I'm not going as far or as fast these days!

I hope you like the photos, they were taken yesterday evening when the sun shone, which seems a million miles away from the rainy gloom of this morning. There is a lovely enclosed field near the river where the swallows come to feed on sunny evenings and Shelagh loves racing round the field chasing them. She runs as fast as her little legs can carry her and doesn't stop until she can run no more. As she runs, she makes little yipping noises. It's hilarious and just gorgeous to watch, sheer doggie heaven, just natural instinct at play. Minty is not sure what her mum is doing but she joins in gamely. She isn't chasing the swallows though, she's chasing Shelagh!

PS. I just started the 100 Push Up Challenge that Dietgirl is pimping......tiring! I managed 10 first time (proper manly push ups though, not girly on-the-knee ones!) and have done my first work this space!

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Claire Silverton said...

Well hello

I have finally had time to catch up! You never know whilst the mouse is away as they say, Lesley will get fit and stick to SW religiously! I would like to say however, looking at the pics, you would never know you had increased as you say you have. Looks just like a few pounds to me, are you sure??? You may have faulty scales. Anyhoo, I think you look fantastic and please focus more on the amazing 6 stone. You know someone once said whatever we have we want more. Maybe you should meet yourself half way and get 10 pounds off and be done. You look great, jogging is still more than most women in the UK get off their ass to do! The dogs look lovely. Your pictures are always fantastic quality! Anyway, thank you for your comments, can't believe it is only 4 days to go. I'm not going to stress about it too much now what is done is done.. however I do go for a slimming wrap on Friday ha ha! Every little helps. Good luck over the next few weeks, have a good read back to those days in the beginning and give yourself a pat on the back for such a fabulous achievement!! Lots of love xx