Thursday, 17 July 2008

Time flies...

I haven't been too bad, honest!!. Just time seems to be flying past at the moment and, before I notice, days have passed without posting. I'm not losing weight at any great rate but I am not gaining and am a few lbs lighter. I had a very poor week for exercise last week only managing to go out for walks with the dogs, no runs.

This week has been marginally better in that I have managed 2 runs and the usual walks, plus a long walk on Saturday (which was fab).

I'm rushing as I have a big chore to do tonight and want an early night but thought I had better remind myself how to post before I forgot.

And say hi to everyone.


Will be back soon with pictures.



J said...

Glad you have got your mojo back - I must get mine back or meringueville awaits x

Crystal said...

Time has flown by so fast this year. I swear I remember it just being Memorial Weekend and now it's already the middle of July! Whoa!