Monday, 30 June 2008


A ruined chapel near Lees Hall outside Hathersage. (Reputed to be the Hall which inspired Charlotte Bronte while she wrote Jane Eyre while staying nearby.)

D and one of his bitches...

It was a beautiful day to be out and about messing around with the dogs and Minty is such fun, really enjoying her first forays into the big wide world. Shelagh is enjoying not being the one who has to pose for photos all the time too...

Stay, stay, stay....oh what's the use?!

Not posed at all....

See, Shelagh did come with us but tried to pretend she wasn't with us...the kids can be so annoying....

Well, it was my weigh in tonight and I've had a pretty pathetic 1lb loss. I know, I know...any loss is better than nothing but it could/should have been so much better, I haven't followed the diet at all, just tried to cut back a bit and was lucky to get a loss at all to be honest.

Still, I have stopped the rot, reversed the tide and am steaming (slowly) in the right direction.

I always used to counsel people to set themselves achievable goals when they were struggling so here are mine:

  1. Read the Slimming World books and keep a diet sheet for a week.

  2. Go for 3 runs this week (I only managed 2 last week and should not have drank as much at the weekend as that was the main reason/excuse for not running over the weekend).

  3. Stop the picking. I am doing far too much empty eating. I asked myself today what hole I was trying to fill as I was stuffing my face with more fruit just for the sake of it. Too much picking is undoing the good work when I eat sensibly at mealtimes.
  4. Minimise the drinking this weekend. i don;t usually drink much as I tend to drive most weekends but I have been drinking more recently as it's easier to walk during the summer months. The drinking itself is not the problem as I'm not really drinking that much but then I sleep in or feel tired the next day and tend to achieve less and not go running. Have a weekend or 2 off the sauce and try to gather the reins again.

That should do for now on the target front.

I was talking to a woman from work today. She is a very large lady who often stopped to congratulate me as I lost the weight last year and we have since become reasonably friendly although we don't see each other often. She has now lost a fair bit of weight and is probably half way to where she wants to be. We were talking about how hard it is to keep going when you start to see the sucess and don't feel as bad about yourself as you did at your heaviest.

We compared eating to alcoholism, drug abuse and smoking. I know the argument but I had one of those lightbulb moments where I realised ('s not exactly new) that I CAN'T eat what I want and will not be able to do so FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!

It's not so bad. A smoker has to do the same, an alcoholic, a junkie, a gambler....they all have to walk away from their problem of why shouldn't I walk away from overeating...?

So, on that happy thought I'm going to bed now. Have a good week everyone.


smellyshelley said...

I think your one pound loss is great! and since you lost it without packets, it is more likely to stay off!

Love the doggie in the porthole pic!

Peridot said...

You're so right about addiction - my LLC completely freaked me out by saying that being addicted to food is like any addiction and some people crack it right away but others need to keep trying. She has one 'client' who has done LL 5 or 6 times! But she's done it now. I hate the thought of keep returning to LL but I do see that it's probably something I'm never going to be able to let my guard down about.

Hey, and I lost 1lb too - and that was on packs!

Peridot x

PS Gorgeous dogs as ever!