Monday, 7 July 2008


My dad in his garden with the about devotion!

Lovely sunny Lincolnshire - I love it when I go back to the mothership!

We were watching planes from the Waddington Airshow overhead but I failed miserably to catch them on camera....they were too quick and you couldn't work out whch direction they were coming from! Still, I saw the Red Arrows, various jets and the Lancaster and Spitfire etc

Random shot of pigs in a field!

Yaaay! I have managed to get my head into Slimming World gear eventually. I think Diarmuid going back to work and leaving me with a clear 5 week run at it has enabled me to stop prevaricating and pretending to diet and actually start being accountable to myself.

I went to my parents' for the weekend as soon as D's taxi left the driveway which was great. I didn't really watch what I ate much but didn't go too mad although some lemon cake was eaten! I did manage a run on Sunday though which is a first for a while. I had a really good time with my sister and her family and my aunt and cousins but all the time let the idea of dieting mull around my head. On the drive home, in between listening spellbound to the Mens' Final of Wimbledon, I had a very stern talk to myself (and the dogs too) and formulated a plan.

(I also stopped to take photos of some huge, happy-looking, free-range pigs to remind myself what I do not want to turn into! Well, I wouldn't mind being happy or free-range but I'd rather not be a huge pig thank you very much!!)

So, today I actually read the book (only a week late in terms of my mini-goals!) and implemented the diet. That means I didn't have a big slug of muesli for breakfast on the grounds that it's healthy - right?- I grilled bacon and poached a egg and really enjoyed a tasty breakfast. I didn't grab a sandwich or random stuff for lunch but bought a lovely grilled chicken salad with fruit and yoghurt and had it with water, not a milky cappucino!

It means that, although I did weaken at 5.30pm just before leaving the office and have a biscuit, it was one, plain biscuit and it has been counted and included on my diet sheet for the day. Actually that was shocking in itself. I realised how many biscuits and chocolate I had started to have each day whereas a few months ago I wouldn't have had ANY! I actually took a Roses choc too but, when I looked it up and saw how many Syns there was in one choc, I put it back!!

So, I've not in any way deprived myself today, just reminded myself of how I need to live 80% of the time. The treats had become routine and that is not right.

I was due to go running tonight but got home late and tired so am going to take the dogs for a walk instead and go to aerobics tomorrow night instead. See - I'm not totally evangelical!

God, I hope this sinks in this time. I'm going to really work on the head side of things. Wish me luck!

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Peridot said...

Yay, go Leslie! You sound so sorted and positive it's great! I have ALWAYS seen you as a beacon for healthy living (food and exercise) and you're certainly back in that groove by the sound of it. 5 weeks should get those positive habits nice and ingrained. Will read with interest (as ever).

Peridot x