Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Getting my act together!

I know, I know. I went a little overboard on the photographs....people take fewer at weddings! It was just such a stunningly beautiful evening and I was in a place I'd never been before. I was blown away to be honest.

I was bored of our usual evening walk routes so picked a short walk at random from my stock of books. This one was a few minutes drive from home around a ridiculously picturesque village called Litton and took in2 Limestone valleys called Tansley Dale and Peter's Dale. The unusual flat topped rock formaton is Peter's Rock and very impressive it was too. The landscape round there is totally different to round my home even though it is only 5 or 6 miles away. It's on the White Peak which is limestone so lots of lush green fields and gorges and gentler hills rather than the Dark Peak which is gritsone and made up of heather moors, wide valleys and craggy edges. They're both lovely in their different ways.
Last night was just perfect: warm, sunny, drowned in that lovely golden evening light which makes you look like a good photographer! Loads of wild flowers, rabbits, sheep, even a kestrel and I think a merlin up above. The dogs in heaven and me too. I got that sappy, poetic feeling of wellbeing which sometimes settles on me in a really beautiful, peaceful place when even a rationalist like me thanks God for being alive.
Anyway, enough gushing. It was nice, ok!
I'm need to post a more meaty post about what I'm doing and need to do about my weight. It's coming together in my head but not quite there yet. In the meantime....I'm treading water (neither good nor bad) and enjoying life and I hope you like the photies.


J said...

photographs are beautiful - i always look forward to seeing them - makes me think i need to get out more with the pooch but he suffered a bit of heat stroke at the weekend (too much football with stepson) so trying to keep him cool and quiet ! difficult for a mad rescue dog who still thinks he's a puppy x

Candee said...

I love reading your blog. You put up some of the prettiest pictures I've ever seen. It is beautiful there. Keep up the good work and the rest will come.

Mrs said...

Photos v.much appreciated.

Big kiss.

The husk formerly known as Mrs Lard (sadly a fat husk but you know what I mean!)

Peridot said...

Gorgeous photos - have severe fit of countryside-envy.

Peridot x

ThickChick said...

As always: gorgeous!

Love the tongue hanging out of S or Minty's mouth! Too cute!