Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Still clinging on

I feel as though I'm going backwards but I'm not. I'm just treading water. I have managed to lose a grand total of 3, maybe 4lbs in about 4 weeks! I lose some then put it back on, lose some, put it back on. Very depressing.

And I'm not doing much in the way of exercise. Training twice a week and a walk every day and maybe, maybe, if I try very hard 1 or 2 runs but mostly just 1! Not good enough.

Well, now I have a target to aim for. A gorgeous fantastic holiday in South Africa with D at the end of September, early October. 3 weeks of sunshine and travelling, beaches, game reserves, walking in the Drakensbergs, Table Mountain.... I need to be thinner to make the most of that or I will kick myself.

So - I've rung Kate and arranged to meet her to run on Friday and next Monday. I'm going to write down everything I eat. I've de-cluttered the fridge and I'm going to go for it. A ticker will be made and I will be blogging much more frequently. I'm not going to muck this up.

To be honest I'm sick of faffing around and going nowere. I want to get back to that skinny, energetic woman I was a year ago. I liked my size 12's and I want to get back into them. I didn't appreciate it then but I do now and so I'm going to get back there.

This is my pledge.


Peridot said...

Yay! You can do it, I know it. The holiday sounds like a wonderful incentive.

Peridot x

Ameythist said...

Hallauja Welcome back
missed ya