Thursday, 6 March 2008

Days 17 and 18 (x2)

I was looking for thin pictures of me which I liked - I definitely look better round the jawline with slightly less weight.

I love this jumper and it's too snug for comfort now - must get back down to the 12's!!

I can definitely feel myself "relaxing" away from my diet over the last few days. This is NOT good because although I'm pleased to see that I'm not pigging out or anything, I'm really only prolonging the pain. I really do want to get another stone off and doing a half-assed version of the diet will just delay reaching this goal.

Why do I want that stone off? Well, there are a few reasons:

  1. I have a load of nice clothes from last summer which currently don't fit me. Looking back at my photos, I liked them and looked good in them so I want to get back to into them.

  2. It's my sister-in-law's wedding in Ireland at the end of May and I want to be able to buy a killer outfit and look truly hot in it!

  3. I'm running a half marathon at the end of April and it will be a lot easier if I am not carrying that extra weight.

  4. I want to prove to myself that I can manage my weight within acceptable boundaries. I didn't last year so this second diet is a way to show that I'm not the same person I used to be. To give me confidence in myself really.

So, targets:

  1. Step away from the snack table at work!!! I've been raiding the biccie tin and picking up sweets at will. This is CRAZY! I didn't used to do that as much when I was fat so why am I doing it now?!

  2. Keep up with the running and training. This is going fine actually but I need to keep the pressure on.

  3. No more bread. Period.

  4. More water.

There - simple when you write it down in black and white. I'll let you know how I get on.

Although I've been slipping at work, I am still sticking to my shake in the morning, soup for luncha nd big salad in the evening so I'm not going mad, just adding a few too many treatlets. I felt lethargic and tired last night but that was probably because I'd had a very busy stressy day at work (enjoyable stress but stress nonetheless). I nearly didn't but eventually managed to drag myself out for a run and really enjoyed it. 4 miles in just under 40 minutes! I did 5 intervals of a minute each sprinting during the run which is what my trainer recommended for endurance training - improves your recovery apparently. So - I know what I have to do and what I enjoy doing.....just have to step back from the brink before it's too late.

It's probably also partly the sugar's fault that I feel tired and lethargic....if I avoid that I bet I have much more energy.

Wish me luck!

Update - I managed to avoid (nearly all) temptation today despite going to a seminar with pastries and bacon sarnies this morning and being mad busy all day which are both usually triggers for me. So - I'm very pleased I wrote this post this morning before I left or I'm sure I would have gone awol. Now v v hungry but am going to go and prepare a sensible supper. Chicken salad and a pack!


ThickChick said...

Leslie your motivation is so infectious! Reading about it makes me want to pop out of my office chair and do some interval training! =)

Keep up the good work lady!!

Mrs said...

Hello y'all!

I don't know why I've gone all American; I think it's because Oprah was on in the background tonight, as I was preparing supper.

Lesley - I identify with everything you've written - you sound so sussed. And goodness, don't you look teeny tiny from behind in the grey jumper?

I like the way you've said it; I've kept up the writing - just not posted it - and you and I are saying almost the same things, except I am not on packs. Yet. I feel it is coming.

So, gold star and go to the top of the class!

Big kiss. Your dog-less chum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mrs said...

Spooky! Thick chick posted at the same time as me..from the US! xxxx

Crystal said...

Those pics are great! Keep yourself motivated and you can do it! You make me want to get off my butt and hit the gym.