Monday, 3 March 2008

Day 14 (x2)

How is that for Mother's love??

They've piled on the ounces! Sometimes they're gaining over 3oz in a day! They're like little fat barrels at the moment but it's great news for their development.

This is Minty, the one we're keeping. See what I mean about the fat!!

Close up of Minty.

I had budgeted for a day off on Sunday. It being Mother's Day and my parents coming over to visit me (who am I kidding...they were definitely coming to visit Shelagh and her pups....!). It was great!

Before they arrived, I went out for another run in yet another gale. The weather was crisp, sunshine, blue skies, not too cold, small hurricane.... but I wouldn't countenance missing my run. That's a great feeling - when you're actually excited about setting off as you pull on your running gear! I wanted to do a 7 miler but the route I chose turned out to be just shy of that at 6.6 miles. I must get better organised and go on Map My Run BEFORE I go out so I know what I'm getting into. Still 6.6 miles of very hilly terrain, most of which seemed to be into the wind (I know that's not possible but I think the valleys round here were chanelling the wind so it seemed to be coming from all angles!) is pretty good by any standards.

The only time when the wind was very definitely behind me was, blessedly, as I ran up a really long steady hill, probably nearly a mile of solid climb. I was amazed that I did it without stopping. As I cleared the trees, the wind was just pushing at my back and I was forced to virtually sprint!! It was bizarre; my legs were aching from the effort but it was harder to resist the wind and slow down than to give in and just fly!

So - after that, I felt quite happy tucking into the proper roast Sunday lunch which I prepared for the Olds. It was a great day - cooing over the dog who was so proud of her pups and seemed to want to show them off to my parents; D showing Dad pictures and films of his new ship being built out in Korea; me and Ma shooting the breeze; me booking them flights out to Canada on the internet. My Dad is not disposed to learn to use a computer himself but he's quite happy to have his daughter do it for him!!!

The only small downside was after they had left and D had gone to the pub - I had toast! That I didn't need. Should have had a pack and a cup of tea if I was a little peckish. But I'm not going to worry too much. I'm back on the straight and narrow this morning and I'm sure the running will do its job.

It's snowy out here at the moment but I don't think it's going to settle. Have a great dieting week all.


Mrs said...

With all that running, the toast can be written off. You know the score...

Just HOW cute are those pictures???

Very well done on all fronts, methinks!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxx

ThickChick said...

AAAH! I want to come over for some puppy-love immediately!! Thank you for posting photos of your babies, they're just too sweet for words!

And MANY congrats on the ass-kicking you're doing in the running department!

shelley said...

Cute Puppies! Thanks for stopping by my blog, yes that transformation was exhausting - but it feels great to have the rooms back in order. They had really gotten out of hand when we went through our remodel...and I blame the kids.

So I see you are in the UK - how much is a stone? I only heard the term in the last year or two - and can't figure out how much it is.

Good luck on your first half, I felt great after my first and I'm really excited to be doing my second.

shelley said...

Thanks for the info. - that has been bugging me ever since I heard the term!

A stone in two weeks is awesome then! I need your diet! Plus, 9 stones last year!

I need to lose 2 stones.