Saturday, 8 March 2008

Day 20 (x2)

Minty looking like the "Cow who jumped over the Moon"!

Minty again tucked under Shelagh's back leg.

Little Bobby (we call him Marvin)

The 2 of them together - Minty (on top) is actually bigger than Bobby by 3 oz...go Mints...

Proud mama and her bairns...

Mrs Lard (she's not really any more but what else can we call her??) has requested more puppy photos and I'm never one to hold back on pictures of cuteness! I'm not sure about cute to be honest though; they are monsters these pups! Probably because there are only 2 of them in the litter, they are gaining between 2 and 3 oz a day! They weigh over 2 lbs each now which is pretty hefty for pups who are less than 2 weeks old!

Still, it's really good as they will be putting down good bone stores and, as soon as they start to walk properly, they will slim down.

At the moment, they are almost walking. They do a kind of staggering crawl on all 4 paws but only for a few steps and then it's back to crawling on their fat tums. Their eyes are not quite open yet but that will be happening any day now. Shelagh is still an excellent and loving mother and she must be producing good milk judging by the sheer fatness of her babies. She lets us play with them for a few minutes each day but her eyes never leave them and we don't push our luck as we don't want to stress her out!

Not being able to take her for walks is an unexpected boon actually. I don't feel guilty about going for long runs without her. This morning I went for a ...........drumroll.................10 mile run!! It was cold, a little rainy and quite windy but not too bad and still I headed out into the greyness and managed the full 10 miles. I'm very proud of myself and I know I could have carried on home for another 2 miles if I'd had to. I decided not to though as I think you should build distances up gradually and stick to your schedule as far as possible. Also, the last 2 miles would have been into the teeth of a gale and I was getting very tired. So, D picked me up instead!

More Millennium there anywhere without it? I quite like this series actually...

Ladybower Reservoir looking glowering and chilly...there were loads of fishermen out - nutters...

Derwent reservoir....v pretty
I thought ducks were meant to swim...not this lot...they're the greediest ducks in the world!

NowI'm just tidying the house before heading up to the pub to watch the rugby. I'm missing the football at home today as my football pal is away for a birthday celebration and I thought I'd spend some time with the husband...strange that since he disappeared off to the pub for the Ireland game an hour ago!!

Anyway, hope you like both sets of photos and have a great weekend.


Mrs said...

Ooooh! Thank you VERY much. There are some super cute photos - boy, those pups are gorgeous.

And then some stunning landscape shots.

Just upstairs in the loft and this was the perfect distraction whilst waiting for an online order.

BL**DY WELL DONE on the run, my friend. Awesome. You are right to be proud. I am proud of YOU!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxx

Alison said...

Those are super gorgeous pups. You promised Mrs L puppy porn and, boy, you delivered!

Crystal said...

oh, they are soo cute! I just want to cuddle up with the little ones: :)

Your other pics are beautiful, too. You are quite the photographer.

Glam said...

You look absolutely tiny in your photos in the last post! You're doing so well!!!!

It always amazes me how insanely jealous I get when you post photos of the beautiful landscape. I love my country, but dammit, I was born in the wrong one! ;)

V. cute pups, btw!

Keep it up, woman!

Peridot said...

10 miles - that's incredible! I'm in awe. I've managed to hurt my knee just on my piffling little 'runs' (not the diarrhea kind!). Well done you, fit girl!

That statue is grotesque - what is it of? It looks like skulls.

Peridot x

shelley said...

Good job on your 10 mile run! I think once you hit the 10 mile mark you are officially ready for a half.

Puppies are so cute! Are you keeping the female?