Sunday, 16 March 2008

Day 25-28 (x2) - Warning - this post contains some mild begging!

Being totally and brutally honest, I'm honouring Cambridge Diet solely in the breach at the moment. Although I might have a pack or 2 here and there and try to limit carbs and calories elsewhere, I'm drinking wine, eating bread and cooking meals for myself. Having missed my weigh in on Monday, I haven't booked another one. And, more tellingly, I've not been posting regularly either which is always a sign that I'm spinning away from the straight and narrow.

Still, I've not let it get out of hand and have not been eating madly. My plan is: to book another weigh in for the beginning of the week after Easter (when D will have gone back to the rigs and my Easter houseguest will have left) and crack on with it for 4 weeks while D is away and then that's that.

I will then reactivate my Weight Loss Resources online membership and count calories in an attempt to keep my weight stable. I've recently re-found a blog called Losing the Lard ( which is written by Alison who has lost nearly 5 stone using this method. It seems very healthy and stable and I did it for a few weeks a while ago with some sucess. My downfall then was way too much fruit! I think the difference now will be my mental attitude. Then, it was all about how MUCH I could eat and get away with; now I will be trying to cut down and stick to what works.

In the meantime, I'm still doing the running and training and - in exciting breaking news stylee - have signed up to run the Sheffield Half Marathon on 27th April!!!

I've chosen to run for the Sheffield branch of the RSPCA (an animal protection charity for you non-Brits). They are currently fundraising for a new rehoming centre in Sheffield. It is a travesty that they don't have one in such a big city but their old one had to close (in 2005!) due to the building of a new ring road and they have not got the funds for a new place yet! Still, in honour of Shelagh and her little pups, I thought they'd be a worthy cause. I've always wanted to rehome a rescue dog but with Shelagh and now her puppy, we don't have house room at the moment so this is my way of helping them until I can take one on.

You can help by sponsoring me on plead plead plead....

Anyway, enough of that stuff. I'm really not very good at asking for money - sigh - it's a very British trait. I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful weekend and doing better than me on the dieting front and as well as me on the running/exercising!!


Sandra said...

Hi Lesley

It's tough, isn't it? I was contemplating a return to a VLCD but I just don't think I can do it again.

Weight Watchers was good for a few weeks and then I got bored with the relatively small losses and having to be quite strict to get them. I never did kill the rebellious child inside!

I never got anywhere near RtM so not sure if it would have taught me anything long term about eating sensibly for life.

I'll happily sponsor you in the run but it'll have to wait until next month now. Seriously broke! I'm about to get selling on ebay to try and raise some cash.


Crystal said...

Sounds like you have a good plan for getting back on track after the Easter holidays. It's always tough when we have guests, seems things get more lax and we let those diet plans take the back burner.

Good luck with your half marathon! I'm sure you'll do a great job. I wish you lots of luck...I hope to get there one of these days.

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Peridot said...

I will sponsor you with pleasure (what are (virtual) friends for after all?!) but like Sandra will have to wait for payday. HOW can I be in my (late) 30s and still be living hand to mouth? Sigh....

Peridot x